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It was just going out on a simple nacip going out and buying around and go into a load of racism trying to win. It wasn't looking at your Watson trying to increase your walks. I think if you probably looked at the training was if you did it back to fun in the fact have had power may isn't if have had all the proper training plan, if we'd have looked back at it was probably pretty perfect training because you the long rides. You had the interval training shoes. Sprinting for the signs, so although on paper, it wasn't really structured in reality. It was would have been looking back at it. Because we did all the things that you need to do to be good by early. So I live with Tim for three years Haydn Nutella pots on your bed. When I was a first year when I went to Belgium, I never never could drink the milk. A hated the milk out there and all that kind of side like. Tim's house in the morning and just have chocolate milk cocoa pops and all kind of stuff in Tim used to. He didn't really say anything until you found ten types of Natella, Ron. So yeah, I spent three years Tim than eventually moved out, but just down the road from Tim. But I think what I got from Tim is told me in those short years. I the simple of religion be telling me, it's a business is a business. You have to remember this is a business and go and do these races. I remember after a couple of a few seconds Goff users, and I was always a coupla commence in Tim comeback from pure until blah, blah. You must be making a quite a bit of money. Now, it's only eighty euro for second. It's not like you're not getting paid. And then I didn't know about it. None Tim told me all of those fine. Those offi itself out to help someone for money or something. And as what Tim taught me is that it's a business and even those races. There's money to be made. If you win book, there's a guy called case matinee fueled is used to go to these commences, and they they want to pay it. Let them win almost or help them win. So that sort of struck a chord in if it's happening. This lower down the line the deals to remain one year the lion. It's not like I've ever made Musset deals in bigger bite races. Push still happens and timber down to me quite a young age that everything is of it's not for the lowest board. But there's always money's been made in short period of time that you gotta make money infamy that short period was being an amateur and trying to make enough money to pay pay rent, really and Tim of broiler own for me. But back in your day that most of up and. And a lot. Yeah..

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