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Helps people with obesity heart disease cancer other conditions but there's a proposal in Italy and this is the thing that concerned me there's a proposal in Italy that agrees that but they they argue that without animal products kids can grow up to be healthy when I saw this I said this is ridiculous I got to do a show on this because even on Italian going to disagree my brother in there it that's so ridiculous that that's that couldn't be further from the truth so vegan diet is fine you're gonna get all the vitamins misunderstood that you need we can talk about the American dietetic association clearly saying that if you have you can eat a plant based diet reading a good variety of fruits vegetables nuts and seeds gonna be fine you've heard me talk about supplements the only supplements I would recommend you take if you're vegan I would be vitamin B. twelve some study so you don't even some say do I take it anyway it's in doctor Joe super greens doctors essential source I'm sorry it's in there and also if you take doc just be complex you getting more than enough B. vitamins you're going to be fine a nutritional yeast many times is is fortified with B. twelve so that's fine too and you only use about a fishbowl full of B. twelve in a lifetime you don't need a lot you just need a little the problem is absorbing it so you have a digestive issue if you have acid reflux heartburn burping gas bloating if you're older your stomach produces something called intrinsic factor no intrinsic factor is produced in the stomach and allows you to absorb B. twelve so as you get older you you you shut down your production low your production of intrinsic factors you know can absorb as well as you still if you have acid reflux heartburn burping gas bloating many times the stomach is pushed up against a diaphragm we need to pull the stomach down away from the diaphragm my team of doctors are all trained by me to do that and the reason I'm so good is because I have this problem and one of my stomach acts up we have doctor Joe martini in the studio with us today I saved a doctor Joe pull my stomach down upon my stomach down and I'm fine so if you have that many times it's a physical problem just come see us and let us fix it but as you get older the intrinsic factor is going to drop it just part of the aging process so you take a little bit more B. twelve and then you're fine but everything else you can get for a plant based diet I also take omega three fatty acids because they're sensual omega threes and you can get them from plants but your body has to convert the plant version into the animal version so just to be safe I don't think you need them most people I don't think would but I take them anyway because most people even after reading a vegan diet you're eating a bad vegan died there in cookies and cakes and donuts impostors and you could be an unhealthy vegan and you could be healthy mediator you got to make sure you're getting everything and this is the funny part when it when I talk about plant based diets or play bass is different than being a bio a vegan is no animal products whatsoever play bass is mostly plants but maybe a little animal product woven in there now I'm vegan I'll be any animal products but it always makes me laugh and people say well you have to supplement if you're taking if you're vegan diet well most people eating alchemy tributary coffee so not official sweet or they're not getting so many other things in knocking fibers that they should and I can find a new trees that they already may not get vitamin C. like they're supposed to if you drink a lot of dairy products can talk about that later it's very deficient I and many people are anemic when they do a lot of dairy products especially children you should never give children cow's milk exclusively he going to it's got to be organic chemistry supplement with it so it can be a little confusing but you just have to know what you're doing but it's like anything else I mean phone or computer I have two questions about my computer every day and have Garrett have Lewis the young guys here in doc martini I go to young guys and say fix my phone fix my computer and we we get help with that so we learning how to use computer you learn how to drive a car if you drive a stick shift took awhile to learn how to drive a stick shift you'll learn about everything in life but for some reason people think that I'm just gonna eat whatever I want and I don't have to learn about anything well most people deficient in nutrients that's why I'm such a big fan of supplements.

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