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At work powered with often dominance it's going to get better bucknor klein around you guys will make could play but if was there wasn't boutros there wasn't the discipline there wasn't the focus and guy forget getting not a gaps and there were some greece's santa again and you got to give the rams some crowd it but i i do think coverage y you know they run a good little scheme struck you the back her out of his own and a replace them with another guy and i would say crossed the border linebacker boy wasn't wasn't what it has to be months not to challenge yes we're talking to do a tim ryan about denied his lost last night at levi stadium forty one third nine a we seem to talk about this in i don't even want headed to 80 i'd sarcastically even be paid i'd gripe prefer to talk for our waters bouquet but it just seemed like there was a lot of holes in the old of yogurt at crunch aren't a i guess we're just gonna talk about it and it's about it i think it's when you try to incorporate so many new players in its early in the season and and so forth and guys don't play in the preseason so maybe this is what it is but a ten penalties last night we talked about the pick most her at a fumble when they're driving it 32 donte johnson at a third down hold the kept the rams on the terrible called up donna in my mind domi meds bad played i kind of got the party started yeah he did made me feel bad growled woman dante john you've got every right can stand lose ground it looked at me like cami walked in ran into him and dante's arm which one with ten behind his back trouble on gang and down in an sammy watkins who told mondale my i thought that was a poor gal but i i guess my point is is that it we continue to talk about self inflicted wounds and his team to get enough to to.

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