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Even the fbi can't break into that type of phone. Whatever is this the whole iphone thing like it's completely locked down right and who knows if this was even an iphone and a yeah like there are ways especially if she was considered a minor i think there he was obviously just planks should out of vast i feel like they also said the fuss appeared super angry. They told him that they'd put out a five thousand dollar award for any information at this point. Yolanda and allen. Sign a release of information foreign for k. Sarah cellphone or social media accounts. This is also when fuss tells you lana that. He had taken over as the first investigator who initially was a man named jeremy middle stead. When you'll wanna ask why. He took over the investigation. He said because middle stead can handle it. They said that fuss also insinuated that case sarah had died from alcohol poisoning and had died in the spot that she was found which again does not make sense. I read this. Someone noticed the grass was still green under her body. She'd been lying in that spot along busy road which still would days for five days decomposing. The grass is not going to be corinne especially with all the heat and everything the same day grayson cedar bowl tail met with big horn. County attorney jay harris and his liaison devaney davonte buffalo. They were told by harris that he was unsure who is leading the investigation because there had been a lot of and i quote reorganization engineer. Turmoil in the police department lately he also pointed out the coroner. Terry bullets had a potential conflict of interest as the county coroner and a business owner of the funeral home where he always conveniently encouraged families to send their business is way. Yeah big old conflict right. He also said that. Bullets tends to frequently declare the cause of death as either exposure or exposure to alcohol or drugs or natural causes regardless of as he's looking at just he picks one and that's that's how it happened. Oh my gosh. These are people's lives. I don't unders- zana. You can sit there and fuck with that. Exactly grace asked why the family hasn't been interviewed or even ask for basic information like case ours. Phone number or who were service provider was.

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