Benghazi, DOW, Donald Trump discussed on The Chad Prather Show


I remember what i was doing a bore ajello unlikely you know why with like laid out why did not you made an excellent boy though gave rap songs but it wasn't okay for a guy who was doing the character thing yeah and again is it appropriate no it's not appropriate but let's face it and again is the argument dream right there you've said it i said it was that we we say inappropriate things we say nobody's perfect you know we say we say stupid things is inappropriate because he say donate seconds do something exactly and we don't excuse it and the man came on any apologized yeah i said okay serves thing ida i don't i don't like that i don't want that i don't you know but but here's thing listless judge a person according to the times in which they're living in their circumstance well and also on the actions that they take like i am so annoyed with everything that's going on with the attacks on trump and the administration it's really just insanity that you're attacking people on what you think they said meanwhile our last administration with benghazi and the dossier and the uranium and we can keep going they did these things but because they talks nice to you and they played the game of what you think is good which is a lie because we know the dow as a liar and so here they play this you know were great at talking we're smoothtalking meanwhile they're doing like illegal things like actual things that they've executed not five tall like so trump gets ups like they get mad at trump because he's verbally very aggressive and you know very just out there but he hasn't done anything illegal and you want to impeach him you he has a do something illegal for you to impeach him first thing so you can't do that and you have to hold the house and or the senate which you don't so here we go with legos break it down but meanwhile the people that actually done things that.

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