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In New South Wales this person lives there and he says that there the fire is just going crazy depending on weather wind comes back or not it's going to be tricky excerpts from interviews with platoon members calling fellow navy seal Eddie Gallagher toxic evil accusing him of targeting civilians including children in Iraq in a new documentary from The New York Times Gallagher was found not guilty of war crimes president trump is stop the navy review and restore his rank A. B. C.'s will car he says that he was initially surprised and disgusted when it's all those videos but says when he thought about it for a while he did not think those accounts under tough questioning tonight he points to his acquittal this is vindication legendary in pioneering radio shock jock don Imus dead at seventy nine back in the day in New York he noted that he had quit or been fired a lot during part about being here you're supposed to the only you're listening to ABC news Carlson financial we were talking with Carl Carlson the other day this man is brilliant absolutely brilliant he's helping the sole many people get ready for and then you can fill in the blank see a lot of times you all well you know he's he's get helping people get ready for retirement well he is helping some people get ready for retirement he's helping other people manage their wealth he's helping other people get ready to take care of other family members you know for those of us that have special needs kids especially you got to think about all of that Carl is the guy that has dedicated his entire life to financial services any focuses in a couple of areas we are so lucky to have him here in Richmond if you're thinking about tax planning and with the new year AA everybody's thinking about new tax implications maybe you've changed jobs maybe your going in a slightly different direction maybe you've got a you've got an IRA or four oh one K. that you're looking to roll over he will help you with that planning that is state life insurance everybody's got to have some sort of life insurance in place mortgages you know mortgages are on most people think all I can't wait to pay off the mortgage and sometimes believe it or not it's a good thing to have a mortgage I could go on and on and on but I will tell you that the regular basis he does these wonderful wine and wisdom of banshee get together with him there's dinner there's drinks and little little presentational what's going on currently in the financial world he's right here in the west end like twin hickory twin hickory and knuckles you know by now buy ins broke listen I I don't want to tell you everything I want you to get the details you need so why don't you call Carl Carlson's office over Carlson financial it's.

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