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I'm picked picked up Oh yeah but but I love that it's it's like Porco genuinely as we get to learn. The movie has not ever considered that anyone would like him. That's fair right yeah. He's kind of like. I'm a lost soul. I I was like okay. I get what kind of movie this is. This is the like honey. You don't WanNa know me. You don't WanNa be with me. I'm protecting you know instead. It's like I'm a fucking pig wait. She likes media even at the end of the movie when the guys like. What are you what we're fighting? She wants you not me is one mostly mad about. He's like you're lying so stunned that the guy gets an opportunity a clear-cut camp. I think we've talked up the melancholic elements of the movie but I think it's important that the character porco himself actually kind of care. He's like sitting around drinking drinking wine on the beach is kind of got that vibe of like look. I brushed the face of death and I'm still here so it's all extra time. I think he's a little night also we're also we're in Italy so the process I think he's a little listrik and a little hedonistic in terms of like I'm doing me. What's the worst thing you can do to me already a fucking pay? That's the thing is if I'm a pig on Mike. I'm going to eat twenty four seven. It's like I'm pick. I really worry about how I look anymore. I look like a pig. He's great body shape and I love the way he outfits himself. He's his mustache is great to compare curtis his mustache which sucks versus mustaches the best signifier that he's like a weak Chin Dildo pocos mustache even when you see human and you're like oh it was just the same salary as opposed to look at criticism mustache in late at any point exactly no thank you curtis sucks monster. I'm trying to think of the plot here Hollywood movie star and also be President he actually you know let me read you music. You got my book right. Okay Oh David taking out a leather bound volume great. There's like a green smoke rising from the this. Is your new bit. which is the line holding us out there? It'd be great if like Porco I could sit around and smoke cigarettes or watching some young kid and making comments like like staying up late all the time will shorten your life or it'll be bad for your complexion. laughs of course reality. Ali Doesn't work that way. It'd be pretty tough to live the way the characters in this film do the staff members who worked on Poker Roseau to burn the midnight oil all the time and some didn't even get to rest on a Sunday. There are a lot of the reasons for this and it's an area where I need to meet him. I love here's the here's the part that I wanna get to but I personally enjoy it when I become so absorbed in something that I completely forget about myself that's Kinda sweet I know but like I feel like that is occupied. Wherever else's like we have to please Mr Miyazaki I the draw until my hands are bone? He's just like sitting there and he's like Oh. I pooped in my pants again because I just loved this movie so much. I forgot that I'm a human being right. Everyone else's like working overtime and crunching ranching music is like I'm trying to work so hard that I forget who I am that I become one with the work. I relate to that so I get that you seeing it about myself me. In PORCO I see me in Porco I do but at the same time when I'm making these movies movies I am not me. I am the movie like you know I. It's my body Yup. I love that love PORCO trying. I WanNa see what else he says about PORCO. Is there anything about pig my cat in there. Does he say anything about that. No no mention she swims treasury war I own around new national treasure and it's about my cat and cage like we've got to fight bits cut. He's trying to because it's a national treasure. She is a national treasure. You disagree with that. No I can't airtight lodge he scien- time he's Si- thinking uh-huh speaking don't even know how to describe this problem Let's see I mean I I would say I've been getting better night's sleep every single night in my life okay. That's GONNA make you tired last thirty years. I feel very very tired and I've been trying to isolate what the problem is. In the best way I can put it is that it feels like my sheets are on buttered. Oem buttery they're not buttery does is that that even settle for margarine sheets very dry flan and you spend a thirty year life and she I'd say about a half of my life and that's not euphemistic. I'm very depressed. Person doesn't like getting so you definitely want your sheets. Insanely comforted you so it sounds like you should probably go with Brooklyn in what friends of the show winner the best online betting category and good housekeeping with thirty five thousand five-star reviews more than any other online betting company. 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