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He was a pirates roberto clemente yacht right and also famous actor patrick swayze we salute him also there are no longer with us yeah they were great we enjoy both of their artistry roberto ended up with exactly three thousand heads is that right so we salute them even more dennis leery he's a new england guy i think you saw him as they say in worcester with style he certainly loves was her he ah you know when the firefighter yeah that a decade ago bse or or longer died he started at a foundation for them as writer does some great work policies funny is hack dennis mark dennis leery of the comics come home oh inches in november nervous he is a 52 red sox had him up in the play by play booth when night ozone yes and because it was talking about his new series all right and he just got going and they were trying to do the game which is their job sure but he was making a laugh so hard they will do their job i think larry's now you know he's been rode hard put up wet i think he's younger than he looks i'm going to save fifty eight to bed you should have said 606 dis 60 we have a here a entrepreneur business guy you're gonna have to tell me guys can have to tommy who is with what he's done chris kelly does that mean any thing to either of you not to me okay well then we'll just jump over him and say too bad get a better press agent chris malcolm djaballah warriner mark theo on the cosby show yeah you see let's see fifty two wow that would be heartbreaking of his fifty two i'm going to say he's forty five should've said forty seven right too bad six forty one director of movies roman polanski mark now what a terrible person he is and you know he's been accused again of underage rape like restoring what uh well you know he's in exile because he had sex with thirteen year old girl yeah um and now he's been recently accused of having sex with underage girls again unbelievable unbelievable 84 and yet hollywood has given him standing ovations okay well let's let's hollywood foil iowa they live by a separate set of rules and we're going to have to fight them or we're going to have.

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