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Now i presented that's you can hear the argument against the tariffs i think this editorial has a number of things that are factual but that the conclusion is rog are we going to trade war no we're not are we starting at trade war a great you maybe we are born not in one yet the retaliation that they've talked about has not occurred for that it'd be a trade war we have to be at war in a year from now we'll know if we are at a trade war because it would mean that there'd be all sorts of retaliation for both sides that europe would be slapping tariffs on american products that we'd respond with even more and have it all out trade war just because trump is firing some shots here does it mean that there will be a trade war with trump is clearly doing is smacking some of these other countries in the face and he's doing so because he believes that we have rolled over for far too long now true we smack them in the face they may smack us right back in the face and in our attempts to deal with the fact that we've been rolled over we may end up hurting ourselves people smack each other in the face ten times you may hurt the other guy but he's ended up hurting you too i referenced yesterday the thrill in manila the classic ali frazier fight the paul does nothing about well you don't you don't know which one was which was in manila where it was the former was in an apartment was in africa manila which is it was it was nine hundred and fifty thousand degrees that the thrill in manila that was the third one the first one which is the one the frazier beat ali you should know that simple to the united states where would it be vegas so that's one obvious guests ron pick the other obvious the garden and the garden anyway you do run the risk that this is the thrilla in manila the frazier and ali both beat the crap out of what it other in that.

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