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People without electricity. And in the Snohomish County, P ut It's 93,000 customers who are out of power. We begin our coverage with Cuomo's Carleen Johnson, who filed this report from South King County wins means guessing over 50 Miles an hour more than 60 and federal way more than 70 Miles an hour across what come county where some trees Came down across from student housing on campus. One student was injured. Huge limbs are down across the region and power repair crews will be putting in a very long day. Backyard one big fir tree laying on my neighbor's house, John well, lives in Puyallup, a few blocks off Canyon Road east were several homes are damaged. In Tacoma Firefighters had to rescue a homeowner on South Mason Avenue huge tree sheared off nearly a quarter of the home there. Courtney Carpenter is a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Seattle. We are on a record when I start to the year and so Ground is saturated and that causes trees to fall down with less wind that then we might typically see Highway one of one blocked at Lake Crescent this morning because of slides and trees down. Carleen Johnson come on Use the driver of a mail truck is lucky to be alive. After surviving a herring experience. Early this morning, a wind gust nearly pushed his semi over the rail of the deception past Bridge. Jeff Miles says his driver's side door is all that stood between him and a 180 ft plunge. Look down at the water, so I wasn't gonna open that door. He told KOMO News that he scrambled Upward to safety out the passenger side. That section of highway 20 is still closed this morning, and there's also a dangerous tree at one end of the bridge that has to be removed, and crews can't do that, until daylight crews are busy in the north and cleaning up and call most. Corwin Hate has more from Snohomish County. Everywhere I go, I see evidence of the overnight windstorm, mostly in the form of evergreen bows scattered over roadways. Overturned curbside trash cans and here and there are large, fallen branch. My colleague, Coma reporter Ryan Harris checked in from south effort, He says the winds really began picking up late last night. We got crazy high winds blowing through That I thought were going to blow over some of the bigger trees in the area where I live. Fallen trees are all over, according to Rocky, all a fence with Washington State Patrol. Just be aware that there might be treason. The road's slow down Pay more attention to the road, increasing following distance. Make sure your lights are on and be patient as road crews and power companies work hard to repair the damage. Corwin Hague Co. Moh news What's coming up after we check traffic and weather? The feds say, scrap your plan. Let's roll out the vaccine. This way. I'm Brian covered with the change. Washington may not make easily. First we check your driver Komal traffic every 10 minutes on the floors from the demon Law Group Traffic center. Here's Kira Jordan. We've been working with a crash traveling north on state route 169 at Cedar Grove that's been causing a mile back up into the area in Maltby. Traffic alternating on highway nine year to 28th instituted trees in the road. And if you're traveling south on Highway nine You're sitting in a solid mile and a half back up there. And when Bonnie Lake both directions of highway 4 10 are really backed up approaching both of veterans Memorial Drive in the westbound direction. Sky Island driving eastbound direction of westbound drive has over a mile back up. I don't have anything officially reported in the area might guess, though, is that it's probably a traffic like that isn't working properly. Work down 16 sevens going to be slow out of Sumner into alguna north Bound four or five years. State route 1 16 You see a crash on the shoulder and then we continue with the busy drive from sunset through Newcastle, North Carolina, five has been slow for mid Boeing Field to Seneca and North about 99 backed up approaching the First Avenue South Bridge. Our next Cuomo traffic up 7 14. This report is sponsored by only orthe over the world class positions and all the Northwest South sound. Well, I take a long, stressful drive when only Ortho was right in your own backyard. The Oracle has your back your knee. Your hip, your shoulder. You get it on the Ortho, Calm your life in motion. Let's get our forecast for a meteorologist Kristen Clarke. Strong winds howled through the strait and sound overnight, causing tree damage and numerous power outages across western.

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