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Know if that's is that's what everybody wants to the water this call one apology or job I would think I would think the job would be better yes both in a perfect world but if you're gonna get one would you take the job as also being a very strongly worded symbolic apology I would thank I would thank may we I I've said this so many times on this show respected apologies were terrible act up first of all we're very stubborn to give them second of all when we do we qualifier my favorite apology of all apologies I'm sorry if you were offended the most passive aggressive crap but anyone has ever it's like what is that you actually in an effort to apologize you just read to me you're right I'm sorry if you were offended it's like I'm sorry if you're a sensitive little maker pope I've been we're terrible at this and it's really not that hard the problem is we used to be the words I'm sorry F. I'm sorry fact I'm sorry how about just I'm sorry that that would go a long way right now and there are already there the league and Roger Goodell are already there it that was the only missed opportunity here what Roger had to say last week choose your favorite date is right around the corner Kyle Glaser baseball America a fountain of baseball knowledge is specially at the college and minor league level he joins us next hour as well sound garden not far away mark weather with you on the sports later this.

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