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What music in your car your close older than have a CD player it was that it was a one man K. well for everybody soft pop music I don't know its whatever the music station I think when the ground with things to bed every night yeah I think it is very passive aggressive bolt right to suggest several horrible ways for you to die for me or you don't Love Me enough okay I barely show up every morning yeah exactly ninety would kidding throws a grenade out me and pushed me in front of a train your catch the train a human shield thank you for me as a human shield after you kill me with a great range good to have any for anything else along thanks I just want to know what's going on someone's life that would be required Catherine Baltimore hello good morning everyone I want to stick to things when you speak to rob Reiner and he makes a movie about the downfall of the world I I think you should entitle it the perfect life the perfect call all okay perfect call call call all the perfect call yes that's funny yeah and also I wanted if you would ask but if your legal lancer ladies if one of the articles of impeachment could be violation of the Rico act because that would bring down trump in Pennsylvania for online and Kerry and all of them yeah I know we will will last conclusion couple minutes I'm Catherine but I know Rico has been mentioned a lot among legal folk in terms of that and not commences been talking about that since day one yeah so alright we was going because you're just a couple minutes I lost my train of thought completely where am I are you okay my my here okay eighteen minutes you cut a grenade hello one is that something that you know you like a song your thing and you're like these this is really stupid why my singing this this is a song came out of quite a few years ago all right shut up eighteen minutes after the hour I have a cassette player in my will yeah problem at K. down to Sam goody and get the latest because that I was listening to the FM radio in my class I do know that song came on the track eighteen minutes after the hour this portion of the Stephanie Miller show what you buy C. B. distillery dot com what's that song another unsolicited testimonial well yeah but mostly to Chris in York Pennsylvania says Mr voice quote maker coworkers tolerable CD line made me laugh out loud at my desk it it is one of the big cities your coworkers dollar about Italy right yeah I mean you know you get A. D. there's a point man for muscle pain and related injuries right and you can take more you need to do there's nighttime gummies for sleep up there stink sure there they got almost I I but I'm just saying your coworkers tolerable and once we get outside effects yeah see we do offer some many of the health benefits of marijuana but without the high CD as you know hundred percent legal requires no prescription when you shop at C. B. distillery dot com and this is primo man now with the kids call it is primo quality Sean sure I got my my team church yes over the weekend yes they give me a happy to what C. B. distillery are you wearing why are you can give it to me because it's one of those beanies that the jurors where for service British on he's the only hipster no I'm gonna keep my hat now you you give me that hat if you haven't tried to be the weird whatever your health concerns or long term wellness check it out see be distillery dot com I feel like I can tolerate you better with your beanie on no I'm not wearing a beanie see we still run a yearly now anymore okay quality control independent lab tests.

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