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DOT, LOU, South Platte River discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Northbound is an I. twenty five catching a flyover ramp or the vocal ramp to go west on Sixth Avenue they got the damaged vehicles out of there so your your flow is much better north on I twenty five west on Sixth Avenue also see dot has rolled in with sand and gravel trucks because reportedly the accident took place in the first place because of some ladies I use that happen overnight was on those ram so again if you're self doubt I twenty five hoping to go west down on Sixth Avenue it's not gonna happen right now that is still closed also in the K. away check after we are flying over rollover accident this is south Platte River drive it dark but there's a lot of activity there is in fact a double the price on that lucky Lou was going by our couple look you lose a look at the car on its side and they crashed into one another so we've got two accidents are working at south Platte River drive and dark but the rest of the city south de I a we have that accident westbound I. seventy approaching tower road this is been working for some time still seeing backups of about a mile west on I seventy approaching tower road aside from that the rest of the drive just usual volume usual areas coming down from fort in north when you're happy south on I. twenty five you start to jam up before hundred fourth you don't even catch a break on speed still your south of eighty fourth Avenue this report is sponsored by serving the automotive its headlights savings time again which means the darkest nights of the year or here if you can't remember the last time you changed your headlights it's time to switch to whiter brighter sipping a bolts visit Selena dash automotive dot com and find your perfect hair our next update listen ten minutes away okay away at eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM has your shop there with a thousand dollars will right now Hey it's big and it's time.

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