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I met Gillam next time on All Things Considered business and small town main relies heavily on tourism why they're now finding trouble in too much of a good thing and to the west Wyoming and Nebraska farmers are recovering after a tunnel collapse the cut off their water supply also now that China isn't buying recyclables more cities are throwing wave bottles in cardboard boxes that might actually be good for the environment those stories plus local news weather and traffic All Things Considered from NPR in case your W. starts at three live from NPR news in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly ten democratic presidential contenders attacked president trump and each other during last night's second presidential debate in Detroit Quinn Klinefelter with member station W. D. E. T. says divisions over health care policy were highlighted for the second night in a row Camila Heris chastise Joe Biden during the Democrats first debate this time it was Heris under fire for the cost of her version of the Medicare for all healthcare system Biden appeared more aggressive but still play defense over Obama your immigration policies and his support for a crime bill many see as unfair to African Americans other contenders needed to make an impression to have a shot at future debates the fate of a US navy pilot is unclear after the crash of a fighter jet in California's Death Valley national park witnesses say the F. eighteen slammed into a canyon wall and exploded yesterday Jim Bates is a navy spokesman we're looking for an eighty eight are out there hoping for the best I'm always optimistic seven people at a nearby scenic overlooks suffered minor injuries including burns and cuts from flying.

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