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Can shock your heart we can do ablation we could burn some of the nerves to try to get to work properly we put it a pacemaker or the protracted like let's try to fix it and actual gonna talk about it so you have to make sure you're getting the right amount of nutrients right are sunlight a lot of people don't realize that but sunlight is really important for your body ultraviolet radiation increase something increases something called nitric oxide which can directly have an impact on your blood flow now nitric oxide opens up your blood vessels and what by vessels open up they relax which can lower your blood pressure so many times if we can get people in nitric oxide foods foods that produce nitric oxide their blood pressure can lower so let's thought there and that'll take the stress of heart 'cause the pressure dropped a hot doesn't have to beat is hard so walking clause nitric oxide to form well you can eat something with natural nitrates in it like celery or beats beat juice actually better could beat unfortunately high sugar so if you take beat powder and you can buy act the powder most health food stores and mix it in i of course i take ocoee joe super greens a doctor josef central source if the first time you're listening it's too powders and he's a supplement that i created several years ago because i wanted to somebody said to me what would you consider the world's best supplement and i said if somebody could take fruits and vegetables and put an uphill that would be the world's best supplement and so that's what i've done i've created dr joe super green sadaka joe's essential source and it's sweet juice fruits and vegetables take the water added a real low temperature and what's left his powder than we had prebiotics probiotics digestive enzymes a complete multivitamin and i take a scoop of each one is is fruits vegetables what he's greens the alkali your system and then you can add maybe half a teaspoon of beat powder to that and beat powder has nitrates that converts into nitric oxide which.

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