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And i thought. I'd get cameron on the podcast to talk about it. Talk directly to the person that's been denied. This request cameron kinley. What an impressive background to this point in your young life. Welcome to the podcast. Hey i'm beside the thank you. Thanks for being here So i want you to sort of take us through what i just outlined before we get up to the present news of your denial played at navy. Where's home and had to get to navy. And did you choose. Navy over other non service Colleges to play football right. So tim rekindling from memphis tennessee. Navy was asking. I offer my junior year of high school. My dad's a retired navy chief so he did twenty years of service so as soon as i got offer he kinda put the bug in my ear. He always told me about his experiences in the military But we have a lot of influence in the decision. It ultimately came down to navy airforce princeton and yale and i just felt like navy half the total package. I knew i was going to be able to develop as a man. I knew that academic top tier great football program in on top of that had opportunity to serve my country. So named the naval academy became the decision for me. I committed crowley three days before signing day and then the rest has been history Play for years it. Football of their in definitely enjoyed my experience. You know we don't talk a lot about Things outside of sports but just noting that you're navy's twenty twenty one class president was that elected role. How did you become class president right so it wasn't elected row so you kinda run run for office You give a speech in front of your classes. Your classmates i'm in they vote Ultimately so the first election of the top five comes from just a bio sheet. I think about thirty people submitted bio seats in from that you take the top five in the top people give speeches as i was fortunate enough to get in that top five and gave a pretty solid speech in why classmates selected me. So there's definitely been one of the the biggest achievements that i had at the naval academy absolutely congratulations on that now. I definitely appreciate that. So we love taking now up to the draft in april. Did you have an expectation that you might be drafted or you're looking at under three agency to begin with. I knew i was going to be a free agent Kind of went on declared further jaffa was going to be a low shop media even get into the league so i kind of knew free agent was going to be. My pathway is still kind of hurt not to get drafted you know just because you you see a lotta guys going to board. And he wants her name to be called but as the day. I was just happy. That i had harbison down there in tampa. And then you go to tampa as an undrafted. Rookie cornerback You're in mini camp..

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