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And especially on a young team. He got that with it. He's not trying to work out with other individuals. He's not trying to hang out with other guys. He's not trying to be cool. He's trying to win. You see him in all star game seemed like he's the only guy off our game plan hard. You know, he's the guy in all star game this trying to compete. So I don't think he has a all wits when it comes in transition, very some LeBron James. I mean, you've got to build a wall. Like, if you don't just one foot in the paint, sit down, you know. And now the game as same. So you don't have this additional bigs, no more, right? You don't have Rashi Wallace. Ben Wallace being the secur- security blanket. When you're talking about defense like you get past me and say on channel you still got a battle with the big boys. Now when you look at teams teams are going small, right? They're they're they're they're centers. Now, either the small forward or the power floored. Their power forward is usually the small forward of the two guards, you know. So soon as honest gets past the first guy, he's a lot bigger and stronger than the that that guy that's on that last last part of your defense. Right. So I mean, he's arguing on guard. Why he's my pick for the MVP NBA champion rip Hamilton joined the rich Eisen show. Kirk Morrison filling in for rich, and I'm thinking back to win your Detroit Pistons team kind of came together the NBA champion team. And I look at the game tonight in these series between Toronto in Philadelphia, and I'm gonna stick with Philadelphia because a couple of young guys, and Ben Simmons, obviously Joel Embiid when you bring in the Jimmy Butler, the Tobias Harris, and you're saying that here's some guys still developing that chemistry. How did you guys develop that chemistry kinda pretty quickly to a point where if there's some advice, you can give dwell be Ben Simmons because these guys have been so up and down in his series? And I think we expect more from them. So what advice would you give these guys in especially a game situation? Well, first of all you gotta understand that when you're in a playoffs. Right. I think Larry Brown, you always say, right? This is this cool analogy about the whole thing. He used to say are you know, what when we get to the playoffs guys. Hey, understand they already picked. They're all starting believe they are all stars over. All stars out there, right, sir. Guys. Pixar guys, aren't they already got in their mind? The votes when it comes to all MBA teams and everything else. Right. Everybody's playing for one thing right now, and that's winning the championship. So it's not about your individual success is how can you make your teammates better? And how can you be productive on the floor? Doing what you do at the best ability don't do someone else's job or you know, try to. Critique someone else out there you think play your game. And I'll put you in all all the right spot on the floor. Don't worry about all the outside noise. And when you're young team, you're young group. There's there's always a lot of outside noise. They can affect your game on a court. Right. They could be saying like all right? You know, what rolling beating Benson? But this is. You guys should be getting more shots than Jimmy Butler Tobias Harris, right? And they should be building around that that's outside noise. That cafe a young young team. I do feel like a you know, what chemistry wise they have got better over to season. But they're still not there. Some some games in. Sixers look great some games a six. All right. You know? And I think a lot of that has to be what chemistry, you know, still learning each other because they are really got probably the second best start five and in the league. And most of these guys when you talking about Jimmy and Tobias they they were out for dog on their teams like that they were running off and leaving scores. And now you're coming on the team that probably has one and most dominant players in our game. And Joel beat. I gotta get the man ball every time down floor. Right. So similar to my business thing we were good right without Rashi Wallace. But we got Russia..

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