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Shouting himself Whores! Talking to his defensive lineman as they come off the field, getting ready to go back on after this trial by Michigan straights and Shaw to the right ball on the left hash blitz coming from Brandon Moore, Chris Floyd picks it up greasy runs up in the pocket takes off. He's 25, then between two defenders out to the 27 yard line again of seven. The whole key to the play Chris Floyd, picking up the blitz from the linebacker Brandon Moore to straight placement. Michigan has gone to split bags Pro set Frank instead of going with the IRA one back, and it is because I think of the early Down blintzes of Washington state. There's a classic example. Chris Point in position because of the set to pick up a blitzing linebacker between the tight end offensive tackle third down three to go Michigan over three on third downs. Four wide receivers now for Michigan, making Washington state a taste of its own medicine, greasy toe throw fires. The ball batted down in complete. They shoved it right back to this face. It was Victorian boost that defensive end who got an arm up and slapped it right back at Brian, Greece. No pressure. Really. I mean, Jansen had him on the line of scrimmage. There was really no pressure increasing. They're trying to throw the out cut. It was there but boost because he was black so well by John Jansen. He just put his hands up greasy right into him. Benson in the hunt For the third time He's averaged 26 yards high snap, He pulls it down. No pressure kicks it away a line drive kick coming up to grab Tim's around the 40. He has spun around by William Peters in the first man there haven't tackled right at the 40 by Clint Copenhaver. Washington State. It's good field position on its own 40 yard line. Once again, Jim maybe just maybe Washington State's defense was a little aroused by all the attention Michigan's defense got during the free Rose Bowl hype. They played very well. Yes, they did, and the Michigan offense is gonna have to Figure out a way to run the football and get better yardage. Another thing is while they're not getting a lot of pressure on Brian greasy unless it's coming from a blitz, they are showing that they're able to cover people. Lots of other bowl action today, all of the important the respective schools, the big 10, not faring very well in this bowl season so far, Swirsky we wish you a happy New Year's. We send it back to you for small things. Hi, Frank. Many thanks to you, along with Jimmy and then Happy New Year in. You're right. Frank Penn State beaten today by Florida in the Citrus Bowl, 21 26 Fred Taylor said a bull record by running for 2 34. Meantime,.

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