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Score against a power forward on a switch can you shoot on the move the answer is we don't know here's a fine game to play and one that exposes what could well be the problem with the shooting stroke of lonzo ball extend your arms in front of you then create a triangle by touching the tips of your thumb and index fingers to each other now closure left lefteye what do you see is the triangle still centered if so your ride i is dominant those who make a living studying the mechanics of shooting suggests that a majority of pure shooters are ridai i shooters klay thompson whose form has nearly perfect is a prime example in contrast right handed shooters who come across the centrepoint of their body as they get into their shot motion tend to be left died dominant kevin durant peru's left eye shooting isn't always catastrophic but in the case of ball it might be he circuitously loops the ball around on the way to its release point and when he rises to shoot his right forearm sits at a significant angle rather than vertically when onlookers say his form is off this is most often what they're talking about there's some good news ball gets his hand underneath the ball nicely and his control fingers the index and middle are wellplaced although he takes too long to get into his motion his release is quick the shooting mechanics have long been a source of scrutiny and for good reason among the one hundred in forty nba players with at least one hundred shots outside the paint ball is ranked one hundred in thirty ninth ineffective field goal percentage at thirty five point one per second spectrum he's a bigger ricky rubio one general manager says people like the jason kidd comp because kid could and shoot coming in but kid exerted his will on the game physically and he could control the game in the half court ball hasn't shown he can do that even though he clearly knows what defenses are trying to do i just don't see how he'll move the needle in terms of wins and losses unless you can.

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