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Oklahoma City tonight. 98 85 youngest Lieutenant Columbo, 29 points 19 rebounds. For Phoenix. Chris Paul in 19 assists in a win in New Orleans. 1 32 1 14. The Sun's outscored him in the last 12 Minutes. 41 to 12 Toronto. Gotta win at Minnesota 86 81 in a low scoring game, Norman Pal 31 points of the 86. The rest of the Raptors shot 18 of 66 from the floor, and they still won the game with Kyle Lowry out with a sprained thumb. And then there were these efforts tonight for Denver and a winner Cleveland Jamal Murray 50 points, No free throw attempts in Philadelphia's win over Chicago, Joelle and Bead 50 points and 17 rebounds on free throws. He was 15 of 17. Just two turnovers for MB. Just one turnover for Murray in these 50 point games tonight. The Eagles cut wide receiver dish on Jackson. The Packers released linebacker Christian Kirksey and tackle Rick Wagoner. Carolina will release SAFETY TRADE BOSTON The Australian Open Women's final is late tonight. U S Women's Soccer is hosting a small termine on FX wanted started last night from Orlando, playing against candidate won Nothing win. Sunday U. S and Brazil After that. US Argentina The Yankees re signed veteran outfielder Brett Gardner, Cubs outfielder Ian Half when his arbitration case he'll make about $4 million this year, and the Cubs got outfielder camera and maybe on a minor league deal again in the late NBA game. Clippers 61 59 over Utah about seven minutes to go..

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