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And then he just like this ansari inscription and i was like what's this not i'm just going through and there's this cavalcade of names underscoring okay so let's just make this did you get your wife this goes on on us went around with it last night last night and he said island and that have had some thoughts and that he wrote the whole thing and i think maybe i i can't remember maybe i contributed dan smith the guy he went to the answer but other night he every single one of those now and then he had honghong clinton bill clinton dirt says ha ha clinton frosty rocker ishmaeli kitchen at great keegan michael key maybe it's a lot of fun i love that skit and congratulations to jordan peel and certainly kobe bryant with what happened last night i kevin frazier will join us he was at the academy awards says he was representing entertainment tonight we'll talk to k phrase we always do after the oscars you'll join is coming up next and yes your phone calls we settle on the poll question right think levin let's start out with sake wants he would that goes against him other combine stuff too i did like would you rather have six nba championships or five in an oscar oh 'cause i would take the five and an oscar over over six i would say koby's i would take koby's career over mike's 'cause i get the oscar you're always going to have something that nobody else has wellness lebron winds one all right uh let me see 16 after the.

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