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They'll have it at the eight, so we'll see if they could do something for halftime. But on that last possession that the Steelers had the Brown there was a scuffle between Marcus Peters and one of the receivers for the Steelers. And in the skirmish in everybody kind of got involved in it. Matthew Jude on made contact with an official, and that's a no. No, and he was ejected from the game. So the Ravens without chewed on now for the rest of ball game. It is a 14 to 7 lead for the Ravens, but they've done it mainly on the ground act when you look at it said words with 52 yards. J. Kate Dobbin with 50 yards. Not much in the Steelers are offensive mode right now has been rapid Burger, just four of 10 for 24 yards, and James Connor does have 42 yards on the ground on nine carries. But a couple of those were big chunk plays right now. 14 7 Ravens have the lead 3 19 to go before the break. All right, so they lost big players on both offense to injury, and Ronnie Stanley and Matthew Jude on defense due to the penalty making contact with officials are big loss so far for the Ravens, however, they do still lead the Steelers 14 to 7 with just a couple of minutes left in the first half is gonna build Rabia are in Greenbay there at the half and on interesting into the first half Here's Bill. No defense played here today. So far rich. Each team has held the ball twice, and they scored on each of those possessions for Green Bay. Their combined two drives in the first half. 28 plays 100 and 47 yards. 16 minutes 53 seconds. Both resulted in Davante Adams touchdown catches the first one for five yards, the second one from one yard out Minnesota's two drives in the first half. Combined 12 plays I'm sorry. Combined 22 plays for 150 Yards, 12 minutes 36 seconds to Dalvin Cook Touchdown runs the first one from 21, the second one from one So that leaves us tied 14 14 at the half Aaron Rodgers 11 out of 12 in the first half only 78 yards, two touchdowns Kirk Cousins seven of eight for 75 yards. Meanwhile, Cook has 74 yards rushing for Minnesota. And Jamal Williams has 11 carries 56 yards on the ground for Green Bay. So on a day when the wind is blowing consistently in the low twenties, with gusts up to 40 miles an hour, neither quarterback really willing to throw the ball down the field. Short passes a lot of running game a quick half in terms of like the possessions only to each for each team, and we're tied at 14. Packers will kick off to start the second half from Lambeau Field. All right, thank you very much. And as you mentioned both teams having good success running the ball so far, ah, the Packers about 100 yards rushing or nearly 100 yards rushing in the first half, and Alvin cooks 13 carries for 74 yards. The Jets just had a field goal blocked. Ah, with the the chief's up 21 to 9 and in the end the first half, but they're not going to get any more points is I can't see who picked it up and was trying to return it. But he, in fact was tackled it about midfield. Let's continue on to Cleveland. We go on the half and the Raiders in front of the Browns Here is Jonathan Peterlin. Daniel Carlson just moments ago in a 33 yard or that comes along with his 29 yarder that he had earlier in the second quarter as the Raiders take the 63 we we had a bunch of rain and, of course, those 30 mile per hour winds that were just very prevalent throughout his entire ballgame, But the rain really picked up right before the half Derek are 18 16 68 yards. Baker Mayfield either end for 38 yards. You can tell the passing game, not really doing much in the Russian game. Not really that much better. Karim Hunt 36 yards total. Josh Jacobs didn't things going? No 12 Terry's for 48 yards. It's been a mob be somewhat miserable at times Game 6 to 3.5 of first energy in Cleveland. All right, so weather has been a factor first in Green Day, also in Cleveland, as well as Buffalo. Among the other sites. Whether or no factor in South Florida But what a day it has been in all three phases here for the for the Miami Dolphins, Has we check in with Jack Arm Priester? Hey, Bridge to 47. They are signaling touched them, but they're flagged down on the place. We're going to see what's going on. Okay. Okay. No fell. So it is a touchdown for the Dolphins. General Golf has just had a horrendous captain and two interceptions, fumbled the ball twice. Every every turnover by golf has resulted in points for the Dolphins. Otherwise, the rains have totally, uh, played in 38 offensive place. 18 165 total yards Tio just under 60 for the Dolphins and the Dolphins, just like the big play. Just a little bit ago, Kyle Van Noy returned a the latest bubble down to the four yard line, and they just scored. That touchdown scored by Miles, asking from one yard out there doing the point after now, too keen grant with an 88 yard return for a touchdown. It's just been off all special teams and defense for the Dolphins. And the Rams are finally playing like a team that has traveled, You know, Coast to coast for four games already this year. We're at 2 47 mark here in the first half. And the Dolphins firmly in control right now. 28 7. All right, so a big start today, And of course, the excitement was about to attack a viol. Oh, but really, he hasn't been the story so far today but a solid start thus far for the rookie out of Alabama. With the exception of that first driving, he has been helped by these defense and special teams as well. Speaking of special demon told you about the block in Kansas City just a couple of moments ago. They've gone to the half. Here's Christian. Better word halftime lead 21 9 over the Jets that blocking with two seconds on the clock, and Castillo, who's connected on three field goals has a 41 would have been a 47 yard bugle block with just 22 seconds left in the first half cheese. We're able to pick it up and return it to midfield with time. Expired in the first half of Chief 21 9. They go up 21 9 on Patrick Mahomes third touchdown of the first half to Travis Kelsey. A three yard shovel pass to give him a 21 9 lead with 58 seconds left in the first half. The The Jets were able to get the ball back five plays 20 yards made their way to the 30 of Kansas City, but again had that field goal block some numbers for you in the first half Patrick Mahomes 17 22 113 yards and three touchdowns. Now 19 touchdowns and just one interception on the season. Sam Darnold 12 of 18, 105 and no touchdowns. Travis Kelsey had several catches on that scoring drive. He's five catches for 72 yards. And that touched down in the first half. Chiefly 21 9 over the Japs word halftime. All right, Thank you. Cristian. Let's said the Paul Hamilton and Buffalo. It's been a very low scoring first half the Patriots getting some points before the end of it, though he is Paul. Well, leading 7 to 3 of the Bills were driving and then Josh Allen throws an interception. J. C. Jackson. It's the fourth time Jackson is intercepted Allen in his young career already, but it was just a mess up by digs and Alan Uh, Alan, through one place digs went the other and it went right to Jackson like he was the intended receiver. So they just weren't on the same page. And that stifled the Bills drive, and the Patriots were able to come down field and get a 33 yard field goal from Nick Folk to make it 7 to 6 at the half. Now there was a play in there where Oliver had a fact on Cam Newton and actually missed the sack. And that allowed Newton to get a pass off.

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