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We're preparing for our trip guys. Sorry, we're all out of order. It's all good. So as mega this movie was actually two episodes of the TV show spliced together and released as feature film. Walt Disney film show in color, even though few color TV's being sold as of this time. And as a result on his Davy Crockett episodes could be turned into instant movies by stitching associated. So kinda just like so on TV they were broadcasting black and white. I guess that's what gen that's what drew people into it. That was the those literally, the only difference in the theater because listening, I guess it could have been shown in color, but not many people had colors. Most people saw it lacking late. Only the rich people had TV's in colors. True. I asked I was talking to my mom today. Actually. She asked she called was like, oh, what movie are you doing tonight as like Davy Crockett and the river pirates? Have you ever seen it? And she's like, no. And I'm like, mom, you grew up in the fifties and sixties how you not seen any of these movies that I'm talking about. You void Davy Crockett. That's kind of what she's like. You need ask your dad. I wonder if he liked it and I was like, yeah, maybe. But like then I was asking her, I was like, you didn't watch. The TV show wasn't like super popular. You know, like I mean, I know that she was definitely part of the Beatles craze. So like n people to sort of craze and she's like, Meg, we didn't even have a color TV and house like, oh, yeah, you lived with. At one point near light. She's like, we didn't have as many TV's as we have in a household. Now back that we had one in my dad hog it all the time I was likely should heal that. My little brother asked me one time. He's like Kate TV's in color. When you were little. Words, walking light when you're little. No old is your brother. He at the time. He was like ten when he asked me. You know when your kid, you think anybody who's all like old? Are you kidding? My dad just turned sixteen first birthday. My brother and I came up with the idea to jokingly do a dinosaur theme because we told them that we are convinced you around when the dinosaurs roamed the. I think that, but we did that to my dad, but my dad thought it was hilarious. You also his cake was a roll of toilet paper with poop, cupcakes. You can see where I probably get some of my sense of humor. Well, thank God for that. 'cause we. Thanks. So the actor who played Jaakko who's the dude with the cigar in the banjo gets Georgie drunk at the bar. He gained fame in the role of the heroic air force captain battling alien in the thing from another world. But what I thought was weird was like he has run hair. It kept him from lead roles in color films. So he was fine in like black and white foams, but it was color just because he had run here. You can't control that did not have die back then what are they have against gingers man. No, I have no idea. I look genders. Sickening laboring too much attention. I don't know what am I favor? It beings in the world is ginger teddy Arcadi cat so's my kidding. Oliver. Yes..

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