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Fine bomb Joe podcast. Seems like just yesterday. It was actually 1966 that spurrier was winning the Heisman Trophy for the university of Florida. What does a man do on his 77th birthday? Probably works at his restaurant. Handsome Joe. That's a long way off for you. You're still a young man. How are you? And you know what? I really don't care what state Thursday doing. Because you know, you know, you know, as well as I do he has never lacked Alabama. No. He never has. And ever since that game, I now know you remember it's been a few years that he said how much they would be and they actually did it. Oh yeah. He said about 30 points and they won by 31. Rhett, right. So, you know, I gave him credit, Jared, but you know, you ain't always on top of the mountain. But am I here? Am I saying things? I'm saying this tweet that dire will say if he looked like what Kevin Costner or something nothing. He did. Well, you can play look at my picture. It's kind of a crowd between Elvis Presley and Mark Reynolds. I mean, I'm the most famous dude out there, Paul. And Paul I'll tell you this, if you ever went home yet, would you? You'd be hanging out in nerds, little. I mean, it would be nerds be they would be. You say play it. Yeah, you'd be playing Yahtzee and who know or something like that here in gym, talk about how good he might not feel. I mean, he just been to nerds, I've been a couple of nerds there before. And I left as quick as I could. Okay. I would imagine in red bay Alabama up there in the northwest corner of the state. Nerds ville doesn't play well, does it? Oh, no, no, no. Now we're standing across the state line over the missing. Now the nerd thing in Alabama, not in this part of the country. Now, you go down to Lake county. There's a bunch of nerds down there. I mean, for those of you who don't know, Lee county is the county where auburn university is located. Kicking crap. You know what? I mean, but anyway, Paul, I am glad that I'm a man whether that is storm and his patriot looks like a rockstar right now. I mean, he was a stone. And it just took a couple weeks, but they don't want some bad man. Did you make it out of gyms returned to the show? Well, Paul, I could just keep myself in the nails listening to Jim. I mean, I would just do that. I mean, I can't find a way. I mean, I know there are a lot of off color jokes to make, but is it, can you kick yourself in the nets? Yeah, I guess, hold on. You can. What's that? By the way, I'm not just a word to the wise, don't try that at home. Yeah, I mean, tonight, I guess my try every day. You got a straight child, I guess. But, you know, when I do is just sit on. It's easy to figure out. You don't have to be, you don't have to be a rocket scientist, as they say in north Alabama to figure that one out. No, you just said, is that what they used to call, you know, your legs crossed kind of. You sit on your legs. And then you just take you put and just have an upbeat. Yeah. Yeah, I don't think we need to demonstration, but thanks for giving us one. So handsome jokes in the middle of the week. What have you been doing so far? Well, Paul, spent the day trying to get a spark plug for my daddy's weedy. And I can't believe how hard it is to find the sport flow for a weedy. And did you go to AutoZone? I did. And I went to Napa. Napa. I want to throw Riley's and they had fort floats for cars, but they didn't have none but once they have great wine out there, they won't involve Mississippi that's got a hot dog and chicken works there too. You know, not that you care, but you know, if you ever been there, you know, go to nap and folks. And you know, that's what's up, but anyway, I ain't really done nothing today, Paul. Okay, well, listen, Joe, I hate to run after such a great, meaningful substantive call, but we do. We have another hour to go Stewart Mandela among the guests in the final hour. It's been a busy show. We're coming right back..

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