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We've seen going on in bubbles like basketball and hockey is because all the teams are on the ice simultaneously or a lot of them are And it quickly. The covid spreads pretty pretty well and pretty quickly in in arenas That it's not just the case of as we've seen in basketball where teams have to forfeit while they wait for you know handful of players that kinda recover or isolated kind of get negative test back here. You could see the entire field for a draw. Get it simultaneously right. And it's not clear what happens in that circumstance you want to move on to the swiss championships. Sure so you at you. As the king of the international curling spreadsheet should break this down for us sure so the the swiss championships just got underway. They'll they'll conclude this upcoming weekend seven men's teams for women's teams. The men are going to play a round robin in the top. Four after that round robin will play each other again and then they'll have a final series. The the four women's teams are going to play a triple round robin and then have a final series kind of what i'm watching here will the defending champs last year. We saw upsets on both sides. We saw yanni schwalier win on the inside and we saw elena stern win on the women's side can they repeat or will the perennial favorites team to cruise on the men's side who played in the twenty eighteen olympics in one bronze will team tyranny. Who were the twenty. Nineteen world champs. Return return to worlds and and win this year's swiss championships the other thing. I'm watching his. We have a lot of young teams on the men's side other than schwaller into crews and on the women's side you have. The team skipped by rafaela. Kaiser that includes selena was shonka they. They've played they played in the last four World juniors team is also part of the swiss military sports program. So they they are. They are soldiers and they are also curlers so Interested to see how that team does against Against the other three teams. Which is like team as i said team starting team zero zoning but also Irene schori is taken half of her team from last year as well as a half of a filters team. That's in that that's who is Has come together on this year's version of team schori so there's kind of things to watch their in switzerland.

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