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Central today this as Dan Patch the final hour on this Monday Dan in the Danettes Dan Patrick Show have you had a great weekend fully assembled police back after a couple of days off and Fritzy's relinquished his senior senior executive producing role and now he's just a booker but you did a great job on Thursday and Friday todd yeah dual threat is what you work reality Yup back to reality Kyle Van Noy the Patriots Linebacker is GonNa Join US coming up big game against Buffalo had some quotes after the game where he says I just want some respect. I feel underrated. I just want some respect. We've got really good football players. Maybe people start noticing that that was bleep and fun. That's kind of football right. one on one talked about Josh Allen. He didn't know what we were doing. He shook back there. I don't know what kind of respect Calvin Roy once their defense first team. I've been saying that numbers show it. They should be the focal point here that offense is not great and I don't know if it'll be great and now you know why Tom Brady Eighty and bill belichick wanted to keep Antonio Brown because you're going to get in a shootout this year and probably with Kansas City and you don't have the offense Kansas City House now. Do you have a better defense absolutely but you're going to get into shootout this year. Maybe in the playoffs and I think that's why Brady and Bill Belichick wanted Antonio Brown best best worse for the weekend eight seven seven three. DP show email address DP Dan Patrick dot com if you missed any of the interviews from the Mercedes G. Man Cave including Brett Farve in the first hour of the show Oh you can go to the Dan Patrick show APP that was fun fun to talk to Brett also talk to David Karp from the NFL network..

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