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Insurance policy against that occurrence boat d'oro i just you know i don't see i don't see a lot of risk with him not firing my my biggest risk there is a you know i'm not a huge southern cal player i don't know the you know all the fun points of mick ruis training career and i you know i think the biggest risk with bolt door is just that the trainer although he may be very capable trainer is just that he hasn't been in that situation before i like the moves i see him making you know i i like the way he's training the horse i like the way it's been handled and managed so i don't see any reason to to over emphasize the trainer angle but still that is my biggest concern as far as the horse i think he you know i think it's a really good situation for the door be you're getting a horse in bolt door oh that's a proven top class horse he's run the numbers and he's extremely versatile which is very important in madeira be the get jostled around you cannot you can be three or four lengths further back than you expected to be just because of racing luck and the way things shake out at the break both door should be better prepared than than practically any horse in the race to overcome an issue like that because he you know he can go near the front of needs to he can close from off the pace needs to and he just seems like a tough horse that that that almost always shows up so i feel very comfortable betting him and keying him in the derby i think i'm expecting him to to get a lot of play i him he's eight to one on the morning line i've heard talk about eight to ten to one even twelve the one with him i i don't think that's going to happen i think you know in every day i go to the racist horses make a lot of sense and their bet down below what what you think they're going to be bet i think that happens even in the derby so i think he catches a lot of money and goes off lows morning line but i still think at six to one he's he's.

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