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But at first I was like, oh my God. I'm gonna go through my teenage teenage years. I'm calling me. But then it was like, okay. Like, I have respect for you have respect for me. And like, we became really close. Great friends. Sure. And it just evolved. But there's a really fine line. Obviously on I'm not a parent. I'm not gonna speak on it. But I was a kid with parents. Great parents. And there's a fine line of you know, how strict you can be. And I think the biggest thing is like trust and being open. You know, my parents were very open, and like talking about things whether that was like, you know, anything and that was like a big thing them trusting me to go out. Come back at the right time, Mead, go out. Do these things come back. You know, there was just a big level trust. And and they somehow navigated, you know, bringing us up in a wild west of Los Angeles saying like straight talk wireless, which like say the kudos to that. Good joan. What would I like from a business standpoint to the question earlier is? Up dealt with investors you've dealt with investors. I think many people in this arena have dealt with investors. And in my mind, there's two kinds right? The kind that throw money at you. Ryan, they check in with you fucking three months and their mother fucking headache because they don't understand the process. And then there's the kind who say, listen, the reason I'm putting my money in is because I have access to these channels and these channels and these channels, and this isn't just your game. It's my game too. So if we team up sure my money is going to juice up to business. But so is my that's being practical. With may be the situation that you were able to learn from right to learn from one of the best in your father. But you're saying I took the information Lisa sow interpreting it and now I'm providing venture capital, and I'm also. Providing connections to grow businesses. And as an entrepreneur that's for everybody listening. That is the that's good money. Right. As good money as bad money. Right. That's good money. So I have a better understanding of how you approach things. I have a better understanding of the question. I asked you earlier, and I'd like you to expand on that a little bit. If you have a venture capital fund yourself mouse with others. Yes. So, you know, kind of going back to the, you know, Patrick you came out of the womb with everything yet cetera. I don't you know, use. I only use my own money that I've made. To just to get that straight. I mean, I got a a loan of less than six figures when I was younger I took that invested in a seed into a company called blaze pizza..

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