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All right. Welcome back this portion of the show being brought to you by cook and pellets dot com your number one source for quality wood pellets for all your pellet driven cookers visit cooking pellets dot com for more information or to purchase to see the other products that they offer over there pellets dot com for an alternative website amazon dot. Com is one. You might wanna take a look at but goal try cooking. Pellets dot com. I this question coming in from dan. Why is he not wearing barbecue. Central show gear. Something's up dan. You are very keen with the i. I can tell you exactly what's up. The seasons are changing. It's freaking cold all of a sudden. I need long fleas fifty degrees outside for crying out loud. I'm getting old. My blood is getting thin. I live in cleveland. It's gonna snow next week. Potentially so give me a break. That's why i'm not wearing. I just forgot to wear my long-sleeve barbecue show sir and that's why i have my henley on or whatever stylish thing i have. Hey anyways the third tuesday of the month and you know what that means a visit from the icon in the industry. A host of shows a creator of project fire and cookbooks. And the like we welcome back. Friend of show steven michael hasty. He's here stephen. Are you near as the hallelujah. I knew all i had to do. We'll start talking about jeff bezos and magically. Everything would fix itself because that guy had bad press anyway. So have you. Well let me ask you since you've been hearing a diatribe. Have you ever had issues with youtube or Amazon with these affiliate payments because i've been unceremoniously banned from both platforms really for no reason in even on appeal. They've told me to go pound salt. Have you ever had issues with either of those platforms. No no they work fine for me and people buy my books and products thrown. So i'm again. It seems that they really have a hard on for me. But whatever we continue on and we'll go from here so before we get into some of the topics here. We got like eight and a half minutes off what ended up being the problem. I have no idea. I logged in. I saw my picture. I saw you. There is no sound just goofy. You know what the problem was. Every other month we practice. We do a trial. Run to make sure it's working beforehand. We didn't tonight. that's right. Shame on us lesson learned before we get into some topics tonight. Stephen i wanna ask you about the food topic. That is raging all over social media right now and has been for the past two months or so smoked cream cheese thoughts on this phenomenon. And have you tried it. Well yeah the old hat on that. When i was writing project smoke. You're may remember. There's two page spread and that about all the foods that i smoked. They included cream. Cheese of course smoked butter to put on grilled bread smoked. Honey which is absolutely amazing. Seton office burn smoke mustard which is sort of interesting Ketchup chocolate was really. Didn't do it because chocolate so strong anyway doesn't really smoke doesn't do anything for it so yeah You name it. I probably smoked it. Have you done. I didn't inhale never would never inhale. That's not what we're here to do. We're just here to add layers of flavors through would smoke of course as somebody who was growing the social platforms as you are. Have you thought about refiring smoked brick of cream cheese just to take advantage of what seems to be the latest and greatest food fat. Well you can bet. I'm going to Now after this conversation. What's the difference between a in potent chutney. Chutney usually have a first of all turn comes from india. Originally chutney has vinegar or tamarind or lemon juice or some kind of souring agent. Compote does not so one is like more sour. One is more sweet. Would be like yeah. Compote is just basically it's dude fruits with With sugar or honey mar. And the chutney usually has a souring agent a often has chilies in it. What would you use a chutney with lifezette like pork pork into chutney. That goes along. Chutney would be. Chutney would be fantastic with pork. It would be That's a great with poultry of any sort. It's great with wild game component. I think of with my aunt annette sprays brisket. So i was. That was our desert when i was growing up here compote. I think well this person really thinks there's some kind of hot shit There could be maybe a better more every man word than compost. But maybe not. Maybe that is a real word that you have to use right. When i was growing up compote was basically stewed prunes and apricots and other dried fruits. Or did you call it. Wake all they come very well. No recalled compass any update on the barbecue. Mail order business that we should know about inventory issues or any new offerings. That are coming out soon. Well just that. Since we last spoke we sold out in about two weeks. So now i'm sort of in the embarrassing position of saying we gotta wait until november before we have Newstalk but we did increase our order from last time so hopefully there will be more people to buy. That's the planet barbecue brisket kansas city. Also ribs there's some. Smokey sides like grilled cream corn and a A smoke being. You know it's a little bit like books when you get a bookstore and they you hear that they have sold out of your book. It's great news because they sold it and it's terrible news because there are more copies by no doubt about it so the main issue that we wanted to hit tonight is that project fire. The tv show gearing up to shoot yet another season. Is this the third season of project. Fire this this is the fourth season of project fire which were shooting in saint louis. I'm really excited about it. It's going to be our first. Urban shoot a usually we shoot in a quiet country setting as you might have seen last year at the pearl stone retreat center. This time we're going to be in the heart of saint louis that the the old union station so i'm really excited about that. We have some great guests. We have more mystery boxes. Were inviting some of my favorite Social media influencers on the show got a great show plan. I'm really excited. Will you be making steven reich lens or project. Fires version of the following gooey butter cake toasted ravioli and pork steaks which happened to be three of the saint. Louis food staples for anybody. That doesn't you have done your research. Mr empey and not surprised. But i'm very impressed. And i would say two of those. Three are are already scheduled for the menu. Can i guess which once yes. I'm guessing gooey. Butter cake would probably take some very well. I don't think toasted ravioli is going to be at. But i i absolutely think pork steaks on the well. I think what i'm gonna do is lead a surprise. Well okay. i'm calling it right. That's how we're gonna do. Will you be going to places like pappy smokehouse and sugar. Fire to do some type of collab- or show. Hey this is when you hear. The here's some lie fireplaces you might wanna visit because those are two really places we are certainly going to include local pitmasters on the show absolutely. Here's the one thing that i've noticed as project fire.

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