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And i said well. We have a dilemma here. Because now what we have to figure out is how our definition of being parents centered my different from their's ask about point blank issues. Fema how they feel about the teaching critical race theory asks them how they feel about parents being actively involved in the curriculum. It's tough their children. I don't know why we fell away from that. I mean he shouldn't that be something that we are ongoing actively involved with. It always had of made me made me quizzical. Is that a word. We'll make it okay. Is it always made me. Ponder why i sit in on a local government whether it'd be a school board a town council a county commission and see an empty chamber in front of me. Those of the chambers it should be the fullest because the government has the largest impact on you and the government that you have you ever impact is. The government is closest to home. Let's talk a little bit about those two. well actually. there's three ballot questions. Let's start with those two relative to the home rule. Charter changing the way in which We procure and ensure that We have enough water to meet our needs in the future City of greeley ballot question to g and to age i. am for a municipality being able to actively pursue the water it needs to pursue to provide citizens to provide services to citizens as former town council member is a former mayor in a in a town of johnstown makes our own water that a situation much like the city of greeley is. I would find myself absolutely shackled. If if i had the weight of something like that which is being proposed in the city of greeley This is a a democratic and constitutional republic we elect people to represent us and we must trust those people to make the decisions that are best for us Issues like Batter of procurement of water should not go to a public vote. that's why you have elected representatives. If i ran the city agree. I guess i would stand against those. Those those two initiatives. Let's talk about The other initiatives Propositions on the ballot. Our top of mind for you is is at one twenty that the tax measure one twenty. Yeah yeah that's an interesting situation. Just in the in the fact that we have i believe in taber. I fully support taber. I property tax. That's right every property tax. I think taylor has kept the state of colorado in line. in fact there are times. Maybe resilient that's kept us from flying off the guard rails but when you talk about putting other factors into Into property taxation our property values have gone through the roof and people want to see their property. taxes lowered I believe that will be an incredibly important one to watch and gail. If i may be so frank. I haven't fully made up my mind yet. Dov ed issue interesting well. I appreciate transparency and honesty. That is really a welcome thing..

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