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We go over to someone's house. He's got a built in Lakers basketball court part of his house, and so were there and they're like, hey, that's all play basketball. They look at me like you guys go you obviously can play. So we start trying to play an N walks Kareem Abdul Jabbar in his friend or something. And they're like, hey cream. Why don't you play with us? And since I was the tallest time I had to guard Kareem. It was it was he the Ellen in like his elbow was permanently planted in the center chest. People story to have Jay, I've played for the Lakers, played NBA basketball fourteen years, I didn't get to play with or against cream job ever in my life. Then you didn't taste the sharp elbowed that was would be constantly pressing. You're saying to your chest. He I couldn't do anything. I'll be trashed octa called them Lou. I'm surpri- Did did. did. He was moving. It was good. This was this was just like maybe two thousand and seven someone on there is. But also, you can't hang around the Rick. Fox, the problem is seem like a team. Yes, I like a faker. I'm ugly friend. That's the faker. The we have a clip of the Commissioner talking about moving away from the term owner, it's ironic that Ricksen ownership. How we liked the term owner. But there is let's see what he has to say. This all just went down the other day. So I thought, well, good timing. Here we go. Moving away from that term owner I do. I don't want to overreact to the term, because as I said earlier, people end up with themselves into knots waiting for the word on we moved away from that term years ago. We, we call our team owners governor team alternate governors. But so I think it makes sense said, I, I don't want to overreact he'll find the word throughout memo's with over the past decade in the NBA, but I I'm sensitive to it. I think. Teas are moving away from the term. We'll stick with using governor. Did you feel governor Jerry boss, the owner, the Lakers, could you feel the tension, wreck back in the down, Dr bus was, I think the greatest owner I've ever known and, and potentially could have been in the NBA. He was just great. He feel like he owned you I felt I felt I felt like the Lakers owned me if you feel like. This is what I'm saying. I don't think he should call himself Commissioner that has overtones like Commissioner, Gordon and Batman police Commissioner. What about all the poor Brown and black, people that are incarcerated day stays is this guy should be calling Commissioner. I don't like it threatening also. Also, it has over Tigres that he should grand wizard. Adam silver, should call himself something other Commissioner to me, owner and Commissioner makes is much like if you're gonna make an argument for owner, then I'm gonna make an argument for a commission now. Governor. Okay, go, go. We're both governors. Are you govern the governor's governor governor governor governor governor governor? But there's also an English version of governor. Got. Whatever code for blow job is yes. Indeed, mary. Poppins. That's what that means. Then you may start sweeping caliph Reggie list chimney. All right. Let's see little piece of business here, and then we'll take a break, and we'll do some news..

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