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Or going to Toontown at Disneyland and is your eyes safe you've heard about the ice beam liquor and the video that went viral guess what she's from four to eight and there's Samper's on the live tennis the morning drive with John Phillips and Gillian Barbary warnings six to ten seven ninety day ABC he is the writer who broke the story for the Miami Herald on SD minimal move on the more stuff honestly break I just wanna fascinating because again the justice in America when you say not people are not treated equally here you go hello look when you see the details of this case you go on your you just go on your mind about the special treat me got here's what Julie K. brown like us or trying to get on the person who wrote the story dug up the story I'm sure Jeffrey obscene not happy about it well I felt a lot of pressure on the list to say these are very powerful people and I think that they're sweating a little bit especially today the we don't know how much how deep this went how far reaching it went in government but there's been a lot of people that you know I could see their names on these message pads on a regular basis as part of the evidence you know these message pads where they would call Eckstine a leave messages such as at this hotel you know why do you do that except that you're expecting him perhaps to send a girl to visit you at your hotel so there are there is little probably quite a few important people powerful people or sweating it out right now we'll have to wait and see whether at Steve's going to name names or what kind of information he's going to try to trade in order to you know maybe get out of this in some way or lower his his culpability guys like him with that money wine and dine you and your around it and then you insane anything because he's coop that you you know too much and he or even if you know a little bit he can claim you know too much just because you know him and flew around with him he can claim this well I know somebody as an address of users during a break in a minute under an overnight who's a an artist a recording artist whose along with any anybody in my tour bus anybody in a hotel room no word where they can identify because if I let them in even if nothing happens they'll say yeah it looks like that they'd early americana there they only have to look like this that if your look like that and describe the location they were in this way you can never describe the inside the tour bus total room the anything the car because you don't get to see it Jeffrey obscene slime people on and zipped take him to his private island and then they're claiming I didn't see anything I didn't know anything and we want to have sex trafficking ring of underage girls in one time or two times this was a major deal that he was doing and treating people and giving charities a ton of money so that you feel good about you don't say anything because then we don't get the money more so they just initially they get themselves in their man they know he apparently it's got sick and he knows how to coop really really powerful friends I am seven ninety keeps you coming up I do want to talk about the earthquake because there's something about it that always amazes me and amuses me and we should talk about your as quick experience next eight hundred two two two five two two two can you tell the search continues after this seven nine days five local six thirty I'm trying peers quake.

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