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I know that The coolest show audiences amazing and we've been highlighting that and so West of future of young black climate leaders program and and how can people support. I think one of the biggest things is this the sharing content sharing the message Being able to reach out to different people and say hey take this and spreading it as much as possible. aren't necessarily finalized. But we do have some things in the work that we wanna to be able to bring bring forth within the next few months in. So i guess us being able to. Why be ceo being able to call upon you know the cool show To be able in the hip hop caucus say. Hey we have this project. We had this message if you want to spread this swagger networks lights get them to listen in order to get them to also share it amongst their networks and like creating like a my sealion you know. Make sure that you know. We're all connected. In a way. I think that is probably one of the most beneficial beings because you know fly domestic the message. You're not gonna the message won't televised you. Know the truth espen. Time isn't gonna be from the. Tv is not going to be in. The mass media is not going to be you know Foot for in that way so we have to rely on ourselves. Rely on our network to be able to like i guess Sift through us through to the beat out the mass the mass of the mass media machine. You know so yeah relying on each other in spreading spreading a message reading the content. How civilised we wanted a month simple as we can do. No that's right. Revolution may not be televised. But it definitely will be uploaded. So he make check out He will caucus podcast. And wherever we upload this process. You're you're going gonna get it Carin wester future of the young black climate leaders program. Each year is the young black leaders themselves right. The the young people So really hoping again through all of what dante said sharing the message sharing the visibility That this is actually happening. That exist is used as one step in creating the awareness of our folks so that more folks can know about it and take advantage because that visibility and An impact in attention. Then we can actually get more investment more people investment more resource investment resource both financial and skill right in terms that we have such a huge wealth of an ecosystem of skill sets to be able to like setup up here shares. Peer ciphers and really. Wanna make sure that we're growing that we're growing network of black leaders in so. I think that that is really the next step growing that network of black leaders which means sharing the message which means connecting with each other. And what i mean by that is. Is that like if i can call on you right. Like kinda like dante's that if we can call on the show if you can call on you know all of the networks you're connected or we can call on youtube that message and knowing that that is reciprocal thing right. That they were building a community building relationship were growing. I guess you would say our beloved community. I think that is a huge first step because we one of the things that i don't want to lose the momentum and we know kind of again the revolution may not be televised and the reason why that is is because we don't we gotta keep it going. We have to make sure that this is in every day all the time conversation. No matter what we're talking about specifically the program like dante said we do have some things in the works..

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