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One zero one one NASA kicked off their planetary defense exercise yesterday. Hypothetical near earth. Object impact scenarios are being reviewed for a possible asteroid or meteoroid strike. Now what's interesting is that NASA administrator, Jim Breitenstein said in a recent statement that we could expect a major asteroid impact event in our lifetime. However JPL says that NASA officials states that there will be no meteors hitting this earth within two hundred years time. But there is a simultaneous meteors strike scenario or exercise where a hypothetical near earth objects hits the Atlantic and creeds to NAMI. It's really weird how that, that certain type of exercise is going on at university, California, Santa Cruz and is other, what is going on where they're discussing this with NASA, the European Space Agency's? It makes you feel a little uncomfortable about the possibilities of rocks exploding in space berry, Alabama high barrier on ground zero. Hey, nice to talk to you. Good to talk to you. Hey. When I started over Russia though, I remember your call. You gave me the play by play. I really appreciate it. This good to talk to you again. On this mission that NASA has one on the launch it in twenty twenty. Thank you. About the dark dark mission. The they're going out with SpaceX launch. It. Here's the thing that they're going to go for Diddy most most, which is a large sit there asteroid got a main Diddy moon. Tells me the large here looking at that they. They're hit net moon. Say they're all little bit. Little bit. Yeah. First of all, let me just say something here, because, you know, you're right on the money here. First of all, dart stands for double asteroid, redirection test mission. Do you realize redirection mission? Do you realize what they're doing is similar to what they did with the L cross mission back when Barack Obama was president, and they decided they were gonna throw a Connecticut vehicle into the moon. And then they were going to take pictures of what was what debris that was set up at a regular set of those any water in it. This time though double asteroid, redirection testers, one satellite that falls, another one. The other one hurls itself into the into the other asteroid or into the asteroid, creating it to be knocked off course if that doesn't work, then they're going to try to go around to try and get it to go, off course if that doesn't work that they equip, they think that maybe they ought to this would break all treaties. They could put a nuclear device in this thing and blow it up because they're saying that, you know, this, this rock is gonna hit the planet sometime. I know what was it twenty twenty five or twenty twenty seven or something? Twenty twenty two. Twenty twenty two is near near earth. Again. It took us three got really close. But it's not no small object. You're right. And say you hit despite playing pool or whatever or whatever you want to hit that on the wrong side. And it says it towards that large ask or which has heart real, good gravity of his carrying a moon with it. And it gets close to shoot out and the gravity Ford. It could sing it any direction. You know, and it come out of orbit even closer and closer and his daughter. So the gravity is gonna pull the Dan quicker either. We're going to create a new moon to create a new moon or that thing could be thrown up. Of course could hit us. That's the scary part of it. Because of the position that looked at it'll angles and everything is going to be on the other side away from the sun on the other side of the cut. You know in lieu. So you're messing with a lot of variables area could towards earth is going to say whatever that, you know, it could either destroy it which I doubt it will a large is almost a quarter of kilometer around. Right. And the other one's. Right out of Coloma ter-, well, plus a monitor guessing say hit thank God for that common core map, they're teaching our kids because that way. Twelve. Close. Yeah. It's more shoes. No problem. That's what was widely when you talk about scientists give scientists a trophy for, for even participating thank you give a trophy before the slams into the planet. Here's your. Here's your trophy almost got it towards us. Now, now we're gonna happen. Nuclear weapon on it. That's what words toasted in ocean that even that small it, which is not small. No is bigger the one of the hit show that over the Bering that. Then we will have a so now it's the water, I gotta say is these guys. We'll remember back with. They were saying what is like two thousand to February twenty nineteen. There would be a massive asteroid that would hit the earth, and they said, well, we were off, you know, we got about a one thousand seven hundred some odd chance of having it hit us. We're off and then that same day. I remember I took the day off to go to the kiss concert, right? Same day. They had an explosion, a huge media exploded over Venezuela. On february. No, it was over. It was over Cuba. And then there was another one that happened like ninety s later over Venezuela. You know, last got off to save away was talked about that long to hit Russia. It was two hours three hours later, the one flew over Puerto Rico. That's right. Not Puerto Rico, and it was lit up the sky, they don't even know where it landed that they don't even know if it landed or made impact or whatever. But I don't know about great harbor. That was remember the great harbour incident that happened like what a year ago. Great harbor grays harbor in Washington. Huge fireball just goes across the sky. And it's like moving across the sky like a plane plane is on fire, and then sloops down really fast and then explodes, they think it hit the ground somewhere. And while they were looking at this rock, they couldn't find other people calling saying, CLYDE, that wasn't Iraq. That was a UFO. And I'm gonna say, did you say the video and the photos of that? Oh, yeah. Spacex was supposed to launch. It was the other one the other it didn't lies the big heavy. Oh, I don't remember. I know that something's supposed to launch that night, but something exploded or crash of harbor Washington, and it caused it caused the rumble that we heard about in Virginia Beach. I it was the same type of, and that's why I'm wondering about these rumbles to, I mean, what are they could be like unsealing recording. Now go back to the recordings and they're going back to listen for the learned that kicked up over very say they also got the photos of that one, too because satellites taking photos of that area at that time. And they got it and they show the street going to explosion. But they're going back and trying to track down. Yeah, yeah. You don't need to have something hit the planet have caused problems. I mean, we can have some decisive a minivan that explodes over, like Los Angeles immediately. We haven't EMP in whole town, a whole city that's completely destroyed. I mean it can happen. Exactly. It was the one that hit Russia, and what kind of damage it did. Right. If it'd been lower type four miles, six miles, we would have had Tim. Yeah. Our, our metal in it or very rare, hard one, then is going to impact, I got to hold a chess or a piece of that meteorite, and it was heavy small heavy fees. So that meteorite was heavy. And they put it on the scale that they use the way toy Alice's and one little heavy and super heavy, I carried out I could barely.

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