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There you have this key moment lien you have to look at this person and you really have to help rural at and and they have to make the decision no could just a or not rice veto the trade elmadi lunch but you're not really i'll put it in your album was as one decision may be but you're not not learning anything you got a really need them to the right decision asked the right questions of themselves an answer for themselves y'all of why they're doing the right thing and a lot of the coaching you knew his risk manager is these kind of stressful situations another one that you know probably happier when but what happened alatas somebody's dozens traders neyts returned as much money as you ever ought but it still looks like it's got some juice locked in you know a part of an wants disasters law approach will be really happy with his trade even if i'd never make of eddie on it uh but you know you can't walk away from those extra profits because sometimes the opposite happens in you got a muddy in the bank that they promote these are the kinds of situations where you really like to talk is of these experienced trader and his thought it through an knows what question you should be asking and can lucky you in the icee no what you telling me is not what your acting on can you give us an example of a couple questions that tried his should be asking themselves or you know if they have access to summon more experienced about risk like some questions that tried his maybe often ignore don't even think about or just plein simply don ask themselves well i guess the first one and this is almost the definition of a true a lot of people come up to you may say going i think you know golden gotta go up in price sir i think stocks are overvalued.

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