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More than two weeks ago vice president mike pence will be visiting puerto rico later today this hour he's touring the hurricane damage in the us virgin islands in other news australia and police are assisting their us counterparts in their investigation of mary lou dan louis she's the girlfriend of the gunman who carried out last sunday's shooting massacre in las vegas she's a natural lies australian citizen who is a person of interest she has not been charged with any crimes investigators have been questioning are hoping to learn more about what my i have caused her boyfriend to carry out the worst mass shooting in modern us history dan lee was out of the country at the time of the attack she says she had no inkling that her boyfriend was planning that act of violence he claimed at least fifty eight lives and left hundreds more injured you're listening to npr news from kqed news i'm brian watt the san francisco district attorney won't pursue criminal charges against city police officers who fatally shot an armed suspect last year he queued alex emslie reports last october two s pd officers fatally shot pacifica resident nicholas mcwhirter after he shot officer kevin downs ahead police responded to a disturbance call it lakeshore plaza when mcquarters shutdowns then fled after a manhunt two other officers found mcwhirter near stern growth and shot him in an exchange of gunfire mcwhirter had a long struggle with schizophrenia according to the da's report two weeks before the incident his brother had turned 5 of mcquarters guns into police he was unaware mcwhirter had recently purchased a mother weapon the twenty two caliber revolver he.

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