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Coming up Randy Newman. He's been writing music for half a century. We'll talk about how he's changed his approach to songwriting over the years. What's easier now, what's harder. The also tell me whether or not he has hard time writing songs that speak plainly about his own personal feelings. I may have in the dishes psychological in the dishes or something that tilted me in another direction of not saying, I love you know, you don't it interested me less as what I say. Now, maybe it's that I couldn't think of things to say. Have a lo- love of meager or something. So also tell me about his family, his uncle who was an agent for film composers his three ankles who were film composers themselves, including how Newman a guy who inspired Randy to write music and wasn't afraid to ask for input every now. And then either he wants asked me, you like this melody and I was like ten years old. I said, don't. Then he asked me maybe I was a little older and said, do you think people like counter melodies. Then finally outshot I'll tell you about a very big rock, but totally breathtaking amazing, enormous rock. That's all coming up on bullseye. Let's go. It's bullseye. I'm Jesse thorn. It's a cliche, but it's also true. Rainy Newman doesn't really need an introduction. I mean, I can say Randy Newman to you and you'll probably start thinking about this. You've got a friend. Or this. Go. Or maybe this. Or maybe you don't even realize that he wrote this..

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