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At five oh two eight six three seventeen nineteen seventy five yeah and we're back at the racist twenty-five minutes dude and the start of the keeneland sale all two weeks worth of came with sale and it's it's it's old home week around here. Charlie the Presi we just had a really fun visit with and here's Wayne Catalano the cat man and we went the whole summer without talking to Wayne and and what the whole summer without seeing you the whole summer unfold in Tokyo well. That's no good we can't. I don't want anymore summers at Saratoga without without without you folks now. You're talking so the two we'll get the two year olds in a minute but first of all let's talk about what went on at Indiana the other day because I was watching those races with real interest and I believe me I would love to have call Jim Baker and congratulate congratulate him too but didn't work out for you. Though winter sunset she just drilled them in the Deanna Grant. Well run a very arrange to run like we have potential you know she's done some nice racist for is always looking for this count realize when the other day when she ran so he was very happy with come back to it so we've got a lot of talk about you know talk about the season with her and and what went on and she she missed a little bit of time what was happening looked like she was on her way to big things missile Sultani. She just got tired of Lebanon's. Try those too much. I guess so you're right among the many downs Philly I was like the best in the country yeah without the couple of times and she runs him races so you know they they have to ask at the medicine and she'd come out of the she come out of the pucker up and and before that the regret just missed in the regret actually if you go back to if you go back to June she took the question about it well and of course this family you know the the Winter Memories and and so familiar with this female family when it comes to Darby Dan to the Phillips Family and Jimmy Toner at everything and so you know for you we talked about her. I guess it was last. Was it last fall yeah. I guess it was before. She even started I think I think you were excited about her prospects yeah well oh she was she gets a big pedigree and everything you know when you told me that the pedigree because his big things for them but they still got a pan out. Mom and dad can't run for him. Good toy pan out. You know you want you want the pedigree trump lamasion obviously asleep what you start out with that and you know they gotta do it one. You know she's been very good silly for us. With the breakout race like like I said before on we all well and you know this this these steaks two hundred thousand dollars the Indiana Anta Grande and the CAESARS and the opportunity to run for that money and and this was a very respectable group Philly she ran into. I feel on why she was six to one in the minimum Hobart was smart well she ends up coming out of it and and she was ridden with great confidence by chanting and what she swept to the lead it was it was strictly a matter of how far she was going to win by and he just basically cruise bruce to the wire. She ends up with her career-best figure coming out of this too low as it. I don't even know Look eighty-five eighty-five buyer. That's pretty nice got it all good thought right well and I. I suppose you'd love to angle her toward the Queen Elizabeth. Is She acuity to new philly what could be we always going to be one. You know what's go. You know you gotTa keep on when he wait for you. Keep running a good racism. You keep moving up so every time you get better when they get to the next well it it sometimes sometimes we've talked about this before too sometimes with Phillies as you get to this time of year you'll we'll get to the fall and suddenly you know they perk up to Roger Ashfield has said that you know that he's had plenty of of phillies that during during the summer and the warm weather they just they just don't they don't have that same that same edge and then you get into the into September October and all of sudden they perk up yes. They like the cooler weather than before the end of the three. That'd that'd be more material you know they get full. They also they get bigger and better instruction well anyway and once they're and I know undoubtedly you WanNa get you absolutely with this ownership with the Phillips. team involved as well as Coffee Pot this this is ultimately going to be an important broodmare down the road and the more you know the more black type you can pile on her and particularly some graded Black Acti- that becomes the next target yeah definitely needed a great. We need a great the great win so sometimes the great race if we get that out the office which for Hispanic else well talk a little bit beyond her talk talk about what else is going on. You've got you've got one in coming up at actually did you run you. Run it. Yeah Aerobic Kentucky downs the other day right. I didn't run around. It and we all know like that cost. They don't like it Yup. I was both disappointed on when the race are running well channing said she wasn't really like an she got a little up down and around and get together south up admit that run which quite in do it but that story structurally now how about the other the the boys race in Indiana. I forgot about that Clinton Maroon. You had to cut it that got the win for saw we need to look at a setup and you know in China to pull the trigger going around stripped down nets. Sam's janitor could've set up a little difficult for the Aussie wouldn't have a check up you got cleared also key Chris he could have maybe had the money and the big race was very proud of you know after the phrase ray so we shot the first time and through the race out I thought he did so I was attach about that racist fail. You know we yeah well I I talked about. I talked about the race extensively because I felt terrible for Jimmy Baker. You got taken away and I was actually AH horse searching through improved take a trip to China winning and what declan cannon was going left handed as a writer yourself Wayne. What's better? Aren't you better off with with. Don't does it a writer sense that you're going left handed and and you've got to feel that the horses go with sideways with your left hand actually when you down run the money that coastal feeling as much as you would think 'cause you Ryden concentrating on trying to win. You know what I mean that could loot jockey butts still still he's still neutral. You know it takes a while of you kind of feeling that you know you have at this for a long time. Well really long time to be a race touch different doc in Rome. They got a helmet race. Rotten story always telling young kids economy. You won't be Jiji very smart you know he's the Jackie needed rod that hard. You're going down down just trying to let him and you just in a little bit too much. You know it's not easy. I've been there done that. It's not easy to know what was the biggest. What was the biggest race you ever got the decoded out remember to Longueville train of Jackie? I don't know they talk about a couple of things. You got a couple of coming up at Arlington this week actually before we do that you got your hands on Clint Maroon. How did that come about? We brought amount recent H. Sale okay now. You don't have role Bend Walton you know he he picked up on the horse and he called me. Only you know I think this could be a nice potential so we're looking at this and we have more really WANNA suppo. He wanted a race holiday. We got one by office. They don't run a minute and then come back around Mary Nice. I love it. How `bout the how about the two year old the two year old on Thursday lady Sia a San Pablo Philly yeah well? You know what she's actually. She's not do but she's She's a career. Oh Yeah we think she's okay. She's better on the instead of the synthetic. Yeah we we have tomorrow is coming up with Churchill meets will be a little bit of action. You know we're happy happy to be back with the Western philosophy jerry last meal. We'll have some action will be passing excellent John Wayne before I before I ask about some some other young horses. What's your take on the situation? It's been another week regarding Arlington and and you know we talked to Mike Campbell after Churchill announced that they weren't going to pursue the gaining option what of the horsemen you have to say you know what I'm going to dog. Though I've been good tuck you haven't been in Chicago so I don't really know that they supposed to have a medium on a few days so they got a town hall evening and had wanted Churchill and I don't really know what's going on with the self the camera what he say. I really don't know he was it really heartbreaking month. He was so angry couldn't see straight is what he said he was there. They were so disappointed and frustrated and you can understand it. It's a lot of time and money enjoying this stuff. You know chasing fifteen years yeah they move. They keep moving the target the way they you know I don't you know it's such a great place and it's everybody and not just hoping they get everything lined now. You know it'd be really great racier and Chicago and you know what race with the operation and hope they get everything like we need. Also everybody gets a fair shake. That's all I'm Walton Pie. I just WanNa piece of it. I I don't think anybody could conceive of we appreciate what the carries Mr doing at Hawthorn. Nobody could conceive a racing in Chicago without Arlington. I it just it seems impossible. I think they know that. I don't know what's going to happen. The I mean it's it's a great facility..

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