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So it's it's kind of weird. If you haven't used the roku channel, it's a bunch of on-demand stuff. That's free. It's streams with ads. It's very similar to. TV. Four Fubo was. Not Be to be. There's so some names. But they just stream stuff for free, and they play ads for you, but then they also do what apple TV does or Amazon does where they let you add on page channels, and that's the stars, bt plus acorn TV stuff so. I like this I did that? They've put in a grid and it's Kinda cool that they're. They're integrating more of Pluto. TV type. Feel to this along with that on demand library especially right now when people want to watch news. If. You're kind of filet laying around. If you don't have a youtube TV or who live TV or something like that this might be a way to find an ABC news livestream something like that. Yeah, I. Love Anything that helps. People cut the cord because I did it years ago and the fact that I still see updates in that still people's i. just cut the cord on facebook or whatever it really just tells me like. Yeah, we. We might have been early so anything you'd any service that can be done that could make. The process easier for folks, and may content easier for people to find because that's one of the hardest things you have to do, right? You have to figure out. Here's what I watch. How do I get it when I cut the cord? So anything that makes that process easier for people I'm all for. Good for ROKA's business, too, because their business is less about selling boxes and more about selling services and advertisements, and the more people, they can get to use roku channel the more of that they can get. They can rake in a little bit of that stars money. They can rake in a little bit of advertising money. Maybe, they can finally come to an agreement with HBO Max and get at Hbo Max. Apple we'll see so yeah, it's It's.

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