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And that's why married to you all right so that was kamla actually. Here's a little tricky thing. That was done that. I wanted to bring to everybody's attention. There's been eclipsed circulating around of biden in biden on the call with multiple civil rights leaders including al sharpton. It's eight of them. And this is how the clip was delivered to me. This is how the clip is posted on twitter. This is the clip. This country is do not just because of african americans but because by twenty forty this country is gonna be minority white european. Hear me now. It sounds like he's a huge effing racist. Yeah this is obviously a clipped clipped clipped up so here it is in context. It's still bad. But i want everyone to know that is not quite exactly what you're given. It's it's an when producers. Do this when you send us stuff. Try and look at the original. Get a little bit before if a shoddy saw me something if somebody sends me that the one that you just played deblocked blocked well. I received this from multiple people. None of your blocked. Here's the call in context. I don't always get it right. But i always take responsibility when i get it wrong. I acknowledge i got it wrong. But my over arching objective if we cannot make significant progress on racial equity. This country is doomed. You see how it's a little different. We have the context of what he's talking about. It is do not just because of african americans but because by twenty forty this country is going to be minority wight european hear me already white european. And you guys are going to have to start working with hispanics who make up a larger portion of population. Y'all do this because we're going to have to wait working with a whole group of people that in fact are the single most diverse democracy in american history in anywhere in the world. We gotta figure out how to unify this country. And you've been the leaders of being able to do that. Not a joke joke. Joke i don't think hispanics is correct anymore President apparent joe hang in latin. Next baby if you're doing it right. And he said hick spanning hit and hit us said hicks. Manny hicks spanish. Now i would. I got i got a couple more i got. I have two more clips from the call. Okay keep going with. Because i thought it was an interesting call. An let's just hear the first words out of his mouth is zoom call. Here's the first minute of what he told. These leaders want to start by thanking you. All for your leadership we support. And when did he become southern. With y'all ya'll when does the guy from pennsylvania say y'all where did he pick that up or is that code delaware was the slave state so i think you could say okay. I want to start by thanking y'all for your leadership is support. Rallied rallied support against Some trump -sposed dangerous actions his failure to contain the pandemic and the mass casualty event is caused in the black community is trump. kill block tapu. His embrace of white supremacist been destroyed out and continues very fine people his attack on the aca which affects so many african americans. It is inside is attack. On the affordable care act has affected so many black americans bullshit is attack on the aca. Many african americans and his his incitement of violence against peaceful social justice. Protesters took his incitement now. His incitement of violence against peaceful social justice protesters. I recall the social justice. Protesters were the first ones to incite violence. But okay jello it. Okay joe or she'd do renewed. Us rewriting history here so we won't like trump. Yeah well hold on. There's more coming all peaceful social justice protesters removing diversity and inclusion awareness policies across the federal government. And you've successfully. Litigated voting rights cases. While the right to vote has been under more severe tack than any time. Since i was a kid. What do you mean record. Number of people voted joe. You can't results ways. You can have a number of people house. He caused that suppression. If you believe you're phoney baloney numbers. Yeah well the phony baloney numbers are out there. You can't you can't have it both ways. No you can't help. Ensure that america's across the country Complete the census and are counted. Which is a big deal. An awful lot more. We have an enormous amount of work to do not just to reverse trump's actions but to repair the damage said four years of his policies have exacerbated in worse every inequity housing education and the economy to be able to build back better. No yes right. There's some truth in their t. Ruined our chances to build back better because there was nothing to build back better. We were doing great. The economy was great. Things were humming along. So don't give me this job. And i made advancing racial equality priority throughout the campaign bet in our transition team. And i'm gonna make it a priority and ard ministration s right. You'll have all the right colors. None of the talent and the final piece another minute. Here is his insistence. He would not use executive orders because it's the constitution man and so. There's some things that i'm going to be able to do by executive order. I'm not gonna hesitate to do it. But what i'm not gonna do is. I'm not gonna do what used to the needy. You probably used to get angry with me during the debates when you'd have some people who are sports on day one. I'm going to check in order to do this now. Okay this is where we can tell. Joe is off his rocker. Listen i always talkin man do that. You'd have some of the people you were sports. Stay one. i'm gonna executive order to do this executive not within the constitutional authority that i am not going to violate the constitution. Executive authority than my progressive talk about is way beyond the bounds. And is one of you said maybe you wherever now whether as far left or far right there is a constitution. No really we're going to find out about that ten pounds down baby. It's our only hope. Our only hope true and the way to deal with it is where i have executive authority. I will use it to undo every single damn thing this guy's done by executive authorities guy. This guy's this guy was respect does really lou. But i'm not going to exercise executive authority where it's where i can come along and say i can do away with assault weapons. There's no executive authority doing that. Lets it executives assault weapons. There's no executive authority that knows assault weapons than me as if prevails if the crack is not unleashed properly and pence. Does not town at home is going to be an interesting for years. I'm sorry four weeks until calmly takes over. Well i've got some biden stuff know goody goody goody goody i got it from cnn to comedy news network this is this is this is called galea's grilling killing by talking about his cabinet members. Meanwhile biden is adding more faces to his administration and defending his pick..

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