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Adly richmond of or state wwl news time six oh four up next traffic and weather as mornings on the mall continues on one oh five point nine f._m. washington small w._m._a. a._l. they there it's larry o'connor with some important news for listeners on our a._m. frequency six thirty a._m. beginning july first there's going to be a new radio station on six thirty a._m. and all sports sister station so make it one zero five point nine f._m. w._m._a. l. today vince lombardi wants it football is not a context football is a collision sport dancing his a context this is michael robinson and believe me you spent years and a collision sport your body talks back to you which you know what stopped me from playing football five feet think about it my feet i made a living with my feet in now they were keeping me going i love and then i met good don't get me wrong my days vacating three hundred pound defensive lineman were over but i refused to say goodbye to living life to the full when i was fitted with art supports from the good feet store i knew right away that this was different these supports got me out of pain and back into the life of look what's stopping you go to the good feet store today for your free personalized fitting and test will not with the good feet stores located in richmond newport news rockville maryland and now open and fairfax a._d._c. need collector car insurance only haggerty has the expertise and passion to protect your car quoted haggerty dot com slash east.

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