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I I was so much to defer, grounding me, and also going above and beyond their means to to support me like my mood was by me, the We got to London to to buy records. She do is somehow have an extra twenty se pound in a pocket to buy that vinyl that she knew I was going to be put nominee to amount of a run out money on this is the one I need to play. Somehow the the money came on a new in hindsight to combat that she can. It must have been savings because there's no issues making money from the Joe that she had a week to be able to do that said, when we think of those things evening, The Mohammad dad kept me Cohen, didn't let me go into notices. I'm really happy for now. Air G was there kind of best seen we we you falling in love the music and making a mix types and print in off the DNA. Did you have friends that we're interested it as well was a gang of you doing it together? Gino I was in the pay of asylum mission. If it'd be noticed uh, economy deadly I mean, my the friends what kind of Moines's like playing football. So like It would be the began playing football in the cricket pitch and gain like the groundsman like running over like every five minutes shouting the not that we plan on that that was like was only part that seems like we can actually have that Nice. Like pro the Senate. I slept in at Adel when I was used to get to this games to watch the as criss-cross wakes. Oh man asked the question, What it does that full-pitched Guas when these issues me raining a little bit, any discs, The skips off the grass. So are being told of there. And I had other friends that were kind of Canavan the come out of the technology of the delay at compete to the PC. So they're always I put in hard drives a different processes. And there were those guys. Trying to sell me snuffed. I didn't really want. Than the new hard-drive will you put its processor in? It's going to make this happen to not happen. So yeah, it's that will lead to me then can meet up with Mark Hill from from the awful Georgia, which I did have a friend who DJ slash more suffering with each of us who definitely put me on like I used to go to one of his nights at my dad's local community center that he's the Performa And he said to me like I used to run up on the mic and just grab it. And just five and a new company say too much to my dad was like one of the chairman's of the of the club painted wages. So we had to be called me, says a beautiful in character. It started off with any, But then I actually I think he was like, You know what you do, you do it right? You'll you'll you'll good SMC in thing. So we saw told me on who is weight and who's 25 years autos fifteen. So he was Chaperon for me And that that was how a go into the scene. He he let me do a lil as MC'ing for him, but then I'd had this little thing. I've said to a few times and he said, I didn't know that that was what users flash a DJ Flascher. ISIS. Well, no, I did not Gus chicken you out over there Ulitsa. I should be looking at you all nice, really, really is. So then he got occurred, crates play for lack low fifty minutes. Let me go into Kudo Iraq. Y, you go go do you think we do it now Mukti my doubt. He's gone off into the crowd now. Good, fifteen twenty minutes of the time in my life. Mix it and DJ. Um, And then he comes back row like she wasn't into its as I Iraq. Maybe they be used to the to log, she'll your plan to heart and and that's how I got my new go to scream of superior positions in a proper big club resident. And that will be the confidence to say, you know, I can do myself, and then it leads me to my residences. Also got beautiful thing of sun. Watch, amazing music comes from kids because there is no fear. They don't know what's right and what's wrong. Pitches keeping a close match served. Beautiful fairy. Yeah, it's going back to I think you have to really like embrace your life. The little you, the kid inside of you all of the time, Even when you get at adult stage where you can see So if you think that you know the wild, You know what's going on, But you you start to realise the things that really resonate with you that make you happy where the basic simple things. It's like uncontrollable laughter summer You can't. You could put a price on that like that feeling is just like you just car even have. If you think about gets a smiley. He says the image member moment, you're like, Wow, as a good feeling. And I I yearn for those moments, a young for that gun on stage and feeling like the upliftment and things. So he says, very basic things are very happy with her. I mean, you from get something has to happen at some point. During means that your catapulted into this whirlwind of success with music, or you're putting out in projects that you are involved in. Our no one can really prepare you for that. When it happens. It's not like you know, you'd study mass English, his having a hit single snow, her favorite color, fifth. So How did you find that transition of when did you know two things to stop started picking up? When I met Mark Hill and P Devereaux from the awful Georgia who were playing in the same club, The I was DJ in and they were playing like a house in Gary upstairs. I was doing the army hippocampal. We just we both. I mean, look, seven deputy moment So of where we both men. I was always needing like in the music to be able to accompany bees lyrics Melody's us planned out. He was looking for like a top-line writers them into put sing over the issue. Mental she's making it was almost like we marriage made and have it. And then it was like a shooter, Oh, it's five minutes round the corner from where we both alleged Because I was like, This is a dream. So once that happened And then what you've got to do is the first some with with them, We also don't you And then we had this on called something by these ally bubbling. But what you're going to do go low interest in London's why went up? And a couple of pays for first-time gave a mate and his yellow Stroessner's is appear, appears or public performances. What is the performance of the song? Easy this time in a club? You go up there do one two songs in the night, And then he did it to stay up their way back home. So I go out my mates Lula fiesta, we play a couple of change the way out, get hyped, go up there, do the show, and then he drive back given some petrol money, Mugadza guy. But why sourced happened was when we release rewind. Something different was happening when I was doing these performances, I was looking into the crowd and I could see. ECHO must so up for it, especially all the way up into go to the course, and then they didn't know quite to do because it went to this'll half-time drop where the baseline missile taking over and it wasn't is kind of to step drum pattern which was giving you to feel that it was Luckily, the dance, June ailments Wetli half-time like he was a slow job. So for anyone listen hug, So you've got the food, the institute's Netscape would have been an. And then the half-time at the same tempo, but it just with two. It's it's just the says halftime, So you call it to that point people within 'cable you spectacle up in the course, and it was like And I love. I think it's connecting will knock to look in the crowd and the light no-show what to do. And then it ended up taking his own life and rewind turned into something I, I. I mean, I could never have dreamt that it would be as big as it did. I mean, I have a radio plug out who someone who go into a radio station and try and guess on plight. 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