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To the evening news podcast on items the house ethics committee today began investigating sexual harassment complaints against michigan democrat crap john conyers admitted today his office settled a end involving a former staffer but said it was simply to avoid a long court case he did doing anything wrong conyers whose 88 has been in congress since nineteen 65 theories unease tonight in many cases who from new york to florida the trump administration says it's canceling a humanitarian program that's allowed thousands of haitians to live in the us vladimir do ta reports they could be deported if they don't leave by july of 2019 today haitians protested the trump administration's decision to end the temporary protected status or tps for nearly sixty thousand amount of felt like it was a safe place for us for me and my sister station decided to run us here nineteen year old long island resident stefan ronnie cassis came here when he was eleven could after ten earthquake killed and injured three hundred thousand shooting his father in college now has a uh and pays taxes asian people deserve better and that's what i intend to give them i in september 2016 then candidate donald trump spoke to a group of haitians in ford promising to be their voice but now many in the community feel betrayed i have those new york assemblywoman mickael salaj his district has over one thousand haitians protected by tps they're armed fellow new yorkers and so it hurts us to know that we're sending these people back to nothing stefan mrs haiti says there's nothing there for him or his family what am i donate is letting in haiti if sixty thousand haitians are forced to return to haiti by some members of congress is that a country devastated by an earthquake disease and unemployment will not be able to take in those returning home anthony vladamir do jay thanks fled one of the giants of postcolonial africa fouling the president of zimbabwe robert mugabe resigned today were celebratations in the capital as word spread now ninety three mugabe led zimbabwe since its independence from britain in 1980 is government was accused of rampant corruption and blamed for a collapsing economy still ahead on the cbs evening news as the holiday rush begins eject airport security and hackers take lubar for a ride i saw him at fifty now it's time for traffic and transit about advice should expressway it's been slowly evening were long.

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