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He loved me he saved my life he saved other lives by making that call and when he saw him she we saw i'm coming out of the woods the victim called nine one one and she credits the police response with saving her life that probably she believes after he after he killed her husband he probably would have gone after her how could he ever be allowed to live among us again how can we ever be expected to regulate his own medication who would be is less land and victim i would not want this to happen buddy else it's a sickening case but those questions she asks how could we allow him to live among us even in the secure facility are fair question geno will put them to chief justice frank williams they retired the chief justice of the rand supreme court he'll join a little later in the program the talk about the insanity defense the rarity the rarity other and the even more rare circumstance at it succeeds but it succeeded in a judge only trial yesterday different between judge only trials and juries don't you think then certainly us yet a wonder if a jury would have bought the insanity defense just because the emotions may have played absolutely on on a on a on nonlawyer on on the untrained legal mind what would it would a jury of his peers have decided but the defense attorneys of smart their calculated and they say let's just go with the judge let's go with the judge who knows the lauper f little better than the average person a let's see see what he thinks so the insanity defense prevailed but willisch uh we'll ask a justice williams about all this when he comes.

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