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Hello one. And all and welcome to an all new episode of help. I suck at dating. My name is Jared Hebron dean angler is not in studio. I think he's Japan right now, there's not in country. He's not in country. He might not be on planet earth. We don't know cannot confirm nor deny eastern markets in studio. The beautiful Vanessa Gamal the. Having to. As well from another country as well a little country node as Canadian that's. My plaid shirt, you're very Canadian. I like blood Plaid's nice. But we have a very important announcement right now, we just received breaking news that just happened five minutes ago guys in the dating world. It's incredible sad. But also, maybe a little happy lady Gaga and her fiance. Christian core Carino have ended their engagement. Oh now, this is big news because the entire world. After seeing a star is born. I'm pretty sure is shipping. The relationship between lady Gaga. I'm Bradley Cooper. And here is one step towards Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga finally becoming the couple everybody in the United States. And all around the world really wants to happen is Bradley Cooper single. No. I'll come on don't put that energy onto him. I know I feel bad. But honestly, because here's the thing Ashley has been behind this the whole time like thinking that they're actually in love. There was actually a rumor a couple of days ago that lady Gaga got a tattoo. That was a secret. Shoutout to Bradley Cooper on and off you saw this. But she got a tattoo on what appears to be her arm her forearm. And it's music notes. Yes, she's also musician. That is true. Yes. And apparently the notes spell GI Gaga is four notes on there. But somebody tweeted that they must they had information that apparently the note spelling Gaga in the treble cliff. I'm hoping I'm pronouncing that credit. That's good spell BC BC in the base cliff and be CBC. Bradley Cooper, Bradley Cooper. Listen. I'm not saying it. I'm just reading what's on the internet. Okay. Guys, all of a sudden lady Gaga ends her engagement. She's getting tattoos that could alluded Bradley Cooper. I've been against it this entire time. Let them live their lives. Let them be happy. But now, it's like, okay. Well, she entered engagement Bradley still with someone. Bradley with a stunning woman stunning woman. I hope he's very happy together to as well. But you know, what look at Orlando bloom end, Katy Perry. They ended their relationship and now back together in no together engaged in gauge. He engagement ring for a second. I want to talk about what are your thoughts on it. So the he was engaged who was engaged to previous to Katy Perry. It was on the guy from getting to the Greek. Grant wasn't end. Russell brand. Now. Lady Gaga, I'm saying. Wasn't Miranda Kerr? Ronda Kerr and Miranda Kerr's ring looks like a flower like there's a diamond in the middle and those diamonds all around. And if you look at katie's Katy Perry's new engagement.

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