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Ninety five and they're just as jammed in there Justice cramped and in Maryland, they had a unique idea. They said, hey, why don't we add a lane and do a toll which by the way is what Virginia did? And it actually did do some benefit now is in the told her out of control the track rates are kind of crazy at some point. And they got certain handle on of it looks like or at least they're starting to it sometimes, but there is an option at least for people who want to pay to get into the fast track lane. And by the way, also I think that it does alleviate the traffic in some respects on on four hundred five by adding that extra lane even though that it's toll only at certain times. Listen, if you don't think so go ahead and correct me. I happen to not be on the road during afternoon drive. I'm doing this during afternoon drive. So you tell me, but it seems to me that right now, it's it's been better on that side of the American Legion bridge then on this side of the American Legion bridge over the past couple. Years and out of folks in Annapolis led by governor HOGAN says yeah, you know, what this stretch from the Potomac all the way around. College park, we need to look at this. And we need to add a lane. We need to expand for ninety five. And yes at Elaine that is a toll and replicate what's going on in Virginia. And do the same thing, and I seventy and boy they this wasn't a town hall. This was a plan scripted political rally put forth by the Democratic Party. And you heard all the same kind of political hack refrains. Here's Jamie Raskin. We don't need to go back to mid twentieth. Century answers to twenty per century providence. That's a great applause line begin. Tell actually tell me something give me an idea. Oh, this is a twentieth century answer to widen. Elaine. You know, why? I guess what? There's a lot of answers from the twentieth century. That makes sense that still makes sense. I'm sorry. What's your twenty-first-century solution flying cars? I don't see them. Oh, and this is really rich. Nothing. We do with regard to the the beltway should be accomplished or done without first taking into effect climate change transportation is the largest source of pollution climate change must be central to every decision making. There you go see now, you know, exactly what. This town hall meeting.

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