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Need more storage space for my Grateful Dead collection. Murph in Mac on KNBR 1045 and six Thescore TS leader. All you know, is jealous of Larry that money. It's your picture. Ah, Clay's on flash. Oh, God taking £40 lovable mutt of cats. Um, some, he's got some awesome. I don't wise flash flash a great life, though. He just came over. Just put his head in my lap and just hanging out. He's like, What about me? Well, I don't think there's any jealousy there, I think flashes pretty secure with his own kind of like canine abilities and stuff like that. I imagine flashes very comfortable with who he is very cute boy. All right, 40 Niner football is the topic of the segment. David Lombardi of the athletic. There's a greatjob covered him. They were off yesterday to get back at it today, hopefully with the I mean, listen, in all seriousness. We talked about it and just to everybody out there in back of Hill, Fairfield, Napa Sonoma Santa Cruz. It's like, Oh, my God. Our hearts with radiant goes in real life Now I don't know this affects the 40 Niners in their practice, But last David David Lombardi, the athletic Dave, welcome back to the morphine, Max Show and I guess. Practical question. Is there an air quality Watch down there in Santa Clara? Well, I'm actually right at the exit or Candlestick on 101 air quality here looks fine and I have a great View we obviously could see across the bandit looks a lot worse when you're heading down south. But then I saw 97, which they say is only moderate. It's not, You know, the air quality index so They're not planning to move to practice a TTE this point. So we're anticipating 10 15 to about noon today, and it definitely will be worse than it is here in San Francisco. I could just tell that from Died test right now. Well and some to watch. I mean, the Niners will try not to do it. Maybe you know it's unhealthy to be out there. We shall see, But we won't dwell on that negative will just wish so well for our firefighters who are out there just unbelievably helping out changing the world. These firefighters doing their thing so Back to the Niners. If there is a theme David in the first Three days of practice, and that's kind of hard to do, because it's a bunch of dudes running around randomly, but anything emerging right now, I guess receiver injuries become a concern. Rookie Watch is it is a thing. Kittles. Happiness level. What to You has been sort of the main story. I think a center position that's you know, a potential area of danger for the 40 Niners. Your big signing Weston Richburg Terras Patellar tendon last November against the Saints, and he's probably not gonna be back until October. Ben Garland at an excellent job filling in for him last year, actually improve the 40 Niners run blocking while he's in there, But he's weak his ankle the other day, and he might be out for a couple weeks. So all of a sudden you have this position that's extremely important to Kyle Shanahan's offense. That you don't really have any, You know, proven players at the 40 Niners have been working. Daniel Brunskill and On the first teamer while Garland am Garland just got hurt the other day, so we haven't really gotten to see what they really want to do. But it seems that Daniel Brunskill Is going to have to come to the rescue again. Obviously, last year he played left tackle, right tackle right guard started and played well in all those positions. So you're going on about 1/4 1 for Daniel Brunskill needs for the time being. Because that center positions really important. Yeah, well saying with Jimmy Garoppolo under center and ah, and all of a sudden now question mark there. Okay, so, ah, camp, not without concerns and The other concern that I mentioned use receiver and it seems like David. We could be doing this interview in 2015, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 and where he's going to be asking about wide receiver. But it continues now to be a concern that Jalen Hurd News was bad. I guess they sign drawn Brown from Seattle. I don't know how big of an impact he khun B, but What's your read on what you're seeing out of the receiver so far drawn. Brown is another big body guy. We all know that Jalen Hurd was a big body guy, and they're only just breathe between a TV in here and see what Kyle Shanahan's kind of do it offense and he wants cheese. Big risk here is along with their name is not Julio Jones. It would be great for the 40 Niners. Arroyo walked through that door, but that's not going to happen. So these big body guys, especially guys that are still available right now he's looking for them and said to go in that big lot roll and That's really a complimentary tight end role, not calling him tight end But you know 40 Niners like interchangeable. They like the block. On the perimeter forward he most. You played a highlight right before I came on a That's outside zone game when you could get those big, strong wide receivers blocking in space and opening up a room for the fast running back, So that's why you want the 40. Niners really had in mind for Jalen Hurd. That's what they have in mind for you. A rookie like John Jennings, the big tough receiver out of Tennessee, So I think they're going to have a much increased role. Now they're going to hope for himto fill in and out her role, but we'll also.

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