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Today for mother's day a conversation that has shaped and guided me as a parent for many years, Sylvia Burstein is a Jewish Buddhist teacher psychotherapist, a mother and a grandmother we soak up her wisdom on nourishing, the inner lives of our children and her insistence that we tend our own inner lives for their sake. Nobody tells you that they don't say when they hear this. Oh, brace yourself. They say they say, congratulations because, you know, percents both this, congratulations. It's the most amazing thing we can do to create a new life that comes out with females eyelashes all all its fingers and toes. It's amazing. And it's extremely awakening in the sense of knowing how vulnerable we are. I'm Krista Tippett. And this is being stay with us. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer, the US China trade battle has a lot of constituencies concern that includes Georgia's P con farmers as Jim bursts reports from member station W A B E in Atlanta. The heightened tensions come at a difficult time historically, China has claimed as much as two thirds of the state's annual con output, but tariffs imposed last year dropped both demand and the value of their crop and in October hurricane Michael hit. It all means unprecedented. Struggles for the state's beacon growers says Jason Rourke with the Georgia chamber of commerce or already dealing with a lower price because of the lack of an ability to export to the Chinese market. And then they got hit by this massive storm that hurt their supply. So we've seen pecan prices dropped thirty percent. That's too much for some farmers who say they're not sure they'll be able to hang on. For NPR news. I'm Jim Burris in Atlanta. President Trump today said he would take steps to help you farmers being squeezed by the trade war who Saudi oil tankers. Norwegian flag ship sustained damage. What Gulf officials are calling a sabotage attack off the coast of the United Arab Emirates the incident, highlighting the wrist to shippers in a region that is vital in terms of global energy supply, and it comes amid the heightened tensions between the US and Iran over an unraveling nuclear deal, which the US pulled out of last year while Gulf officials aren't saying who they believe was responsible. The US has warned ships that Iran. It's proxies might target maritime traffic. Actress Felicity Huffman known for her role in desperate housewives broke down in federal court in Boston today. She pleaded guilty to a scheme to boost her daughters. SAT scores NPR's tovia Smith explained. She's one of dozens charge in a sweeping conspiracy. And bribery, case Huffman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud for paying fifteen thousand dollars to have someone correct or. Daughters SAT exam. She cried as she explained to the judge that her daughter knew nothing about it. And that her accommodation for extra time on tests was legit everything else. She said I did huffman's apology expressing deep regret and shame will help her at sentencing prosecutors are recommending four months and a twenty thousand dollar fine another parent LA businessman. Devon Sloan also pleaded guilty to paying two hundred and fifty thousand in bribes and using Photoshop pictures of his son purportedly playing water polo to get him recruited to the USC team. Prosecutors want him sentenced to a year in prison. Tovia Smith, NPR news. Boston supreme court says US consumers can pursue an antitrust lawsuit claiming apples unfairly monopolized the market for the sale of iphone apps just to spread cavenaugh joining the courts for liberals in rejecting a plea from Cupertino California-based apple and the lawsuit over the thirty percent commission. Charges software, developers was after sold on the company store on Wall Street, the Dow plunged six hundred. Seventeen points. This is NPR and this is WNYC in New York com. Shawn Carlson almost two inches of rain has fallen in New York City area over the past two days. And that means some untreated storm and wastewater is overflowing into adjacent waterways. The city issued water quality advisories for at least two dozen location. Some lasting well into tomorrow. Some of those include Coney Island creek, flushing creek and the Newtown creek. A New Jersey doctor who I who himself as the El Chapo of opioids is facing federal charges. The US attorney's office alleges that rubber Delgada prescribe. Opioids for patients without seeing them and often allowed them to choose their own dosage. He's also charged with altering medical records to hide his activities. Both charges are punishable by up to twenty years in prison. Some New York lawmakers are drafting legislation that would decriminalize the buying and selling of sex. But that idea is receiving resistance in the enemy is the executive director of the coalition against trafficking in women. She says commercial sex increases the chances of violence against women. This is not progressive legislation. This is the most reactionary regressive vision for women girls, and particularly women and girls of color, one of the bill's sponsors assembly member, Richard gut freed says that keeping sex criminalised undercuts the ability of workers to screen, clients and control their work environment. He says the Bill keep sex work a legal if it involves minors or trafficking for tonight here on area. We will continue.

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