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That they are always there doing these weird things with player evaluation. They're spending big money on a backup, running back and Kenyan Drake Maybe it's more so for me about The the front office and the coach that Vegas currently has, and less so about, especially the quarterback Derek Carr, sometimes even underrated. Um, that would be the one the only one that I would really disagree with you on and it's more about the Raiders for me than it is for the Ravens. Not don't do it on the Raiders. I think they're going to be one of the worst team. I don't disagree. It's a one game thing, though. I think do there at home in that crowd in that environment, welcoming the black hole really, for the first time, and I think they're just front runners. The Raiders are front runners when they're good under Gruden. They're good. They they do some nice things when they're bad. They're bad. They remind me a lot of Rex Ryan coached teams, actually, which is they plan so much emotion. There's so much various good, good comparison, right? There's so much variance. It's totally the opposite of Sean McDermott. Consistency, consistency, consistency. You just never know what you're getting from. The Raiders beat the Chiefs last year. Right, And did they take them down the stretch and their second game against Kansas City? I know for a long time Last year, they were the only team that beat Kansas City, so that point is valid that when they're at their best, they are definitely better than a lot of the teams that they usually end up, finishing and around the standings. And then so Houston. Houston. I don't know about. I think the roster on paper is one of the worst maybe we've ever seen. I am a big Tyrod guy in the Tyra defender during his time here in Buffalo, But I don't know what that's going to look like when he plays in an offense and on a team like he's about to play on. Because one thing Tyrod always played in In Buffalo, and even in the limited action he got in Cleveland in in L. A. He's had run heavy teams that are good on defense. He really has not had to take chances with the football because he can trust what's around him, and I think he's smart enough to know there are a million throws in the field. He just cannot make. But not just not turning the football over has been enough for him, and he's been able to win games only attempting 25 30 passes a game. What is Tyrod look like when The team is so bad around him that he's got to start throwing the football 40 times a game. What does Tyrod look like in a pass heavy offense? I'm not sure the Texans want that. But I think inevitably, what's going to happen this year is they're going to have to throw the football. To get themselves into games. And I have no idea what Tyra is going to look like in an offense like that. I can't imagine it's gonna go great. We? We have to have more of a conversation on Tyrod as it gets closer here coming to buffalo, But you're right. I mean, look, he did some nice things. We know we can win some games. He's got to have everything right around him. That's the way I for Tyrod. He's gotta have. He can't carry a team right? Exactly. He's going to get the Jaguars. I mean, I don't think the defense is going to be good, but this is a point mainly about the Jags for me. Trevor Lawrence might be great going on the road to start his NFL career. And it's in a team that's had a lot of strife for the first few months, actually on an urban Meyer. I don't know what to think. Or expect from them, which isn't much by the way. Yeah, the The only thing that's holding me up on the Jaguars is I like their passing game. Well, I like I like the personnel they have in their passing him. I shouldn't say I like their passing game because I think Urban Meyer's doing some weird things with it. Yes, like he had Travis Ctn playing wide receiver. The same role of discussion. Ult was playing that had a pretty good rookie season for them. Um some of his schemes that have been coming out seemed to be a little strange. He had to bow playing tight end in the preseason. Um yeah, I have major questions about the coach there. So I I don't I don't mind betting against urban mired at least week, one week. One is always difficult, but I took three home underdogs. My first three dog Thursday segment of the season. Texans Giants. Las Vegas Raiders will take a time out and we come back. We'll touch real quickly on my NFL predictions and see if Joe agrees or disagrees with the division winners. I have the wild card and the eventual Super Bowl champion, including maybe award winners that I put out as well. Call or text us any time at 71680305 50 or call toll free at 18885 52 5 50 tweet us all the time at W G. R 5 50. Hey, it's Sal here. If you're thinking it's too late. 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