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And deductibles limited dr choice and just a disaster that is obamacare that are stuck with the same system because senate republicans last night with the addition of the votes of mike lee of utah enjoy moran of kansas refused to proceed with the better healthcare act that brings to the number four including senator collins and senator rand paul who will not begin debate so they killed the obamacare repeal and replace they have been assisted in the valley in the lethal injection of refusal to proceed by ron johnson in wisconsin and dean heller in nevada only one of these six republicans dean heller in nevada is facing reelection he will lose the heller should lose the hellish loser primary if he doesn't lose the primary the democrats should win and i will be campaign he gets them everyday like i said are you every day that dean heller is responsible for your healthcare disaster dean heller of nevada nice guy senator just doesn't know it yet just like mark kirk juice like lincoln chafee a very rarely call it this way dina as no chance of winning really action zero zip nada he ought to retire and let someone run for the senate seat who wants to be a republican but dienel or is done susan collins is going to run for governor against shall be back if she loses the governor's race today i hope she loses the governor's race but in many ways she iran paulo the least objectionable of the six who killed that because she has always said she was against that she's always been choose against full repeal in 2015 she is the most liberal member of the republican caucus and she votes generally down the line so i i don't know that i would oppose or reelection she she is who she is but she wants to be governor i don't know that people are going to vote for for governor carr's main healthcare is going to be her responsibility as well i do look at ron johnson and wisconsin and.

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